Vortexes – Vortices

Vortexes, or vortices, are abnormalities in the laws of physics or energy fields as we define and understand them today. There are a number of well documented vortex locations in the U.S. that alter gravity and visual appearances.

This amazing distortion phenomena is recognized by animals and known to native and indigenous cultures, farmers, ranchers and others who are closely connected to the land and pay close attention to natural laws. Cattle, horses, sheep and other animals will frequently alter their straight line course to avoid a vortex in their path. We are well aware animals have abilities to see, hear and sense in different frequencies, dimensions, realms, and worlds beyond ours.  Little is known about vortexes at this time other than their presence and some aspects can be measured in certain locations.

Spiritual leaders in indigenous cultures recognized the importance of these locations and used them to understand things beyond their human three dimensional physical comprehensions. It is believed these have been used by many to commune with spirits and access visions of future events

These unusual openings are also referred to as gateways, stargates, windows, doorways, portals and more. Some view them as tunnels to other places, perhaps other parts of the earth or cosmos. They could possibly connect with other locations on the planet, the past, future, other dimensions, and another planet in the universe or a myriad of other possibilities.  Perhaps this is one of the ways extraterrestrial craft can traverse the vastness of the cosmos.  All we really know is they exist and defy our scientific understanding.

It is theorized each vortex can be unique in their characteristics. They can open and close, vary in intensity, phase in and out, alter gravity, light, time and more. It appears some are stationery, migrate, alter magnetic fields,  have varying intensities and it is believed by some that they can be created and controlled.  Many credible reports indicate government programs have been developing and working on these projects refered to as stargates for decades. One of the most documented United States vortexes is the House of Mystery, or Oregon Vortex, located imediately north of Gold Hill, Oregon originally identified in the late 1800’s by an entrepreneur. According to some local historians he used his discovery to construct an assay office purchasing gold from miners inside the 165′ ring where it weighed approximately 10% less than outside the circle. It has since been converted to a novel tourist attraction defying our senses and methods of measure.

Another such location known for many years is called The Mystery Spot in the redwoods near Santa Cruz, California.  This unique 150′ circular anomaly was discovered in 1939 by surveyors.  This is no surprise because a surveyors job is to insure precise measurements through the use of optics and other tightly callibrated measuring devices.

As you begin to study various paranormal phenomena it becomes apparent we are also living in an invisible world relatively unknown to us.  Typically these matters are misunderstood, misinterpreted and become the basis for myth, folklore, legend and are joked about rather than understood in a meaningful manner.  We unfortunately live in a culture where the value of things are typically determined by their ability to generate income rather than human awareness that could lead to much greater significance.

Many other anomalous vortex locations have been identified all over the world.,  Some closer to home include the Bermuda Triangle and sites called Gravity Hill, Anti-Gravity Hill, Spook Hill and Confusion Hill.  Many other locations have not been commercialized and are known only to locals.  As always, a personal experience of a fascinating “exception to the rule” is preferable to attempting to understand it through the interpretation of another.  We know little about these matters and your own observation and experience could open new doors of understanding for you personally.

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