Time & Time Travel

Time and Time Travel

The simplistic concept of time we have adopted is linear. Most new evidence now indicates this scientific model is incorrect.

Quantum physicists are now beginning to comprehend time in a new framework more aligned with some of Albert Einstein’s theories. This deeper grasp of the nature of time begins to open doors of opportunity historically delivered in science fiction presentations. In recent years leaps in scientific discoveries in all disciplines have been opening the doors suggesting much of what has been presented as sci-fi appears to be real possibilities in the near future.

Time manipulation or time travel is a concept that has been around for thousands of years. The Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project are two of the more familiar covert research projects purportedly conducted by the U. S. Government centered on time travel with varying degrees of success. Unconfirmed experiments and reports of physical and nonphysical time travel abound. Individuals such as Al Belik report their involvement with one of these highly classified government time travel projects with very interesting stories about his experiences.

Albert Einstein proposed our concept of time is not linear as we currently perceive and measure it. 

It is believed by many physicists that the ability to travel forward or back in time is quite likely. Based on the ever-increasing rate of technological progress over the past 150 years coupled with the evolving grasp of quantum physics it appears quite possible time travel  will be a well-known reality in the not too distant future. A number of capable individuals located in various places around the world claim to have developed the ability to manipulate time and have been conducting experiments for some time.

Much serious investigation and research has been devoted to advanced understanding of time from many aspects including it’s manipulation and control.  Some of the more comprehensive work has been compiled and made available to the public by The Anderson Institute.  Some other advanced theories of the nature of time from a grander and bigger picture of humanity are being promoted by Nassim Haramein, David Wilcock and Drunvalo Melchizedek among others.  These alternative considerations resonate for different reasons.  As you review the work of these individuals it will likely force you to reconsider reality on many levels.  These extraordinary philosophical considerations are what spark leaps in new thought processes leading to great changes in human understanding.  Substantive rumors of covert government programs pertaining to time travel including a great number of individuals claiming to have personally participated in these projects suggests inner circles hidden deep within government agencies have developed abilities far beyond public knowledge and awareness.

Remote viewing programs, astral travel, shaman, prophets, oracles, past life hypnotic regressions and objects embedded in rock hundreds of thousands (in some cases millions) of years out of context are but a few of the experiences indicating our ideas and concepts are incomplete or incorrect.  Within these and other phenomenon lies some of the best paths to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of what we call time.

Amazing as it may seem the Mayan ‘Tzolkin” or “Long Count” Calendar developed over 3,000 years ago is still more accurate than our Atomic Clock or best scientific means can measure.  The ramifications of this sophisticated level of scientific and astrological understanding that long ago raises many other very thought provoking questions.  Any answer you might theorize probably raises even more profound questions.  The origins of this long count calendar by most understandings came from the Pleiadian grasp of a 26,000 year cosmic cycle.  Again, this raises questions that challenge historians, religions, archaeologists, astronomers, educators and others.  The fact remains that this most accurate timepiece does exist defying our present day concepts regarding  mankinds existence and the presence of other intelligent live in that era.  Another world mystery to be reconsidered…

Many ancient cultures appear to have been highly developed in various technological advancements  more advanced than our current understandings.  The Egyptian and Mayan cultures appear to be two of the more evolved ancient worlds.  There is much circumstantial evidence suggesting Atlantis and Lumeria did exist and would have possibly been the most evolved cultures of any both ancient and present day.

Time as humans see itIt appears time, as humans see it, will shortly be viewed in an entirely different perspective.  Scientists and researchers are developing new understandings of time models that appear to open the possibilities for traveling through space and forward and backward in time.

Insider sources have informed the PRF several individuals, organizations and governments around the world have developed working time travel models and have been in the process of refining them for quite awhile.  The potential for abuse of this powerful technology for self-serving purposes is extremely concerning.

As with many new scientific advancements it appears our evolution as a human race becomes more critical.  Our ability to destroy the planet and all life on it has advanced far greater than human understanding.  One of the more well-known quotes on this subject came from Albert Einstein “It has become appallingly clear our technology has outpaced our humanity”.  Einstein made the powerful observation years prior to his death in 1955.  As we watch the ever-increasing irresponsible conduct of world governments and the largest of business and economic interests his statement takes on an ominous.

The aggressive and mindless pursuit of technological advancements for motivations of economics, power and ego should make it self-evident human evolution needs to take a giant leap before we permit everything to be destroyed.

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