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The great majority of Debbie’s life had always been very conventional and conservative in a Roman Catholic upbringing in a military family, where matters like “aliens and UFOs were never ever discussed”. That was the case up until 2012 when she experienced an amazing life altering event which redirected the course of her life into arenas she had never, believed in or even, known about. This fateful UFO/Extraterrestrial encounter not only altered her perceptions and beliefs but dramatically expanded her human abilities.

After spending several years active-duty in the military and getting a Bachelor’s degree in Science, she was eventually introduced to the MANKIND, NIGHT SKY, MILKY WAY GALAXYextraterrestrial reality in a very abrupt manner which was, at first, disorienting due to the disparity of her teachings and life experiences up to that point. The depth and detail of this information is quite powerful and extremely educational.

She was introduced to extraterrestrial life and culture, galactic history and ancient civilizations and given the ability to have access to this information routinely, not only in terms of general concepts but, with extensive details filling informational gaps needed for human acceptance of these phenomena. In 2012, Debbie had two very intense out-of-body experiences where she found herself in the interior of a huge Arcturian mothership watching herself interacting and communicating with Arcturian and Pleiadian extraterrestrials, the very ones she previously didn’t believe existed. She has been quietly dealing with this dramatic change in her life experience until she decided to speak publically in December 2016. 

Her extrasensory perception had increased exponentially and she began receiving frequent “downloads”. She began having Cosmic Human, Spiritual Humanvisions and old memories resurface about ancient galactic events, including matters far older than anything in Earth’s history. She has no idea why she was being given this information, or why they chose her to bring onboard their ship, stating “I’m about as ordinary, unremarkable, and conventional as they come.

She has recently become a radio host with the Galactic U Radio Network on Her show “Traveling Through the Stargate” features newly revealed information on galactic history and the various star races, as well as insights from the Akashic Records and the higher dimensional realms.  She has recently begun sharing this information publically and rapidly being sought after as a media interviewee and featured presenter at events and conferences.

As a result of her speaking publically this past 10 months her story and information has catapulted the public attention and speaking requests are happening so rapidly it’s difficult for her to keep up.  This new information she is bringing to the UFO/Extraterrestrial/Supernatural /Paranormal communities is one of many delivering a more comprehensive in-depth picture to those waking up in their introduction to this new extended human reality.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you Rick, and joining in the meetings on occasion in the future.
    Thank you for your contributions to better understanding paranormal activity.

    -Dr Jonathan Reed 9/21/2017

    • Thanks Jonathan. I appreciate that you have devoted your life to sharing your personal experiences regarding the extraterrestrial reality. Hopefully you’ll be available to present at the Forum the not-to-distant future. Take care my friend…

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