Science & the Paranormal

“Science and spirituality are one and the same…science is just a very slow process”.  The gap between the two can be filled by better understanding events that have been happening throughout history and witnessed by millions but have not been scientifically understood.  The pace at which reality at every scale is being revealed around the world in nearly every aspect insures the mainstream scientific community will be falling further behind the awareness curve.  Or to put it another way they are being forced to accept matters that shaman, metaphysicians and other esoteric hierarchies have known and been working with for milena.  The individuals and groups becoming aware of this massive leap in understanding are more often referred to as a “spirituality” movement.  This is also drawing many away from rigid religious institutions and at the same time forcing the mainstream religions to alter much of their long held foundational beliefs.  Since the 1990s two senior Vatican officials have  announced the church’s position accepting the existence of extraterrestrial beings. 

The occurrence of events and incidents commonly referred to as paranormal, or supernatural, have been reported and documented since known history.   Better understanding paranormal matters represents perhaps the greatest opportunity to discover who we are, where we come from and what happens as we move beyond here.  The human potential will expand exponentially with these discoveries.”

Science might be best viewed as a 3-dimensional grasp of a multidimensional reality.  Science simply tries to force an extremely sophisticated organic reality into a simple square box they’ve constructed and it just doesn’t fit.

Albert EinsteinAlfred Einstein was not a great supporter of conventional scientific teachings and openly made that point well known.   He unfortunately had difficulties in his formal education because it just didn’t fit his way of understanding.  He was a true scientist deeply fascinated with paranormal phenomena that always offered hints to worlds unknown.  Many of the most prominent theoretical physicists of today are constantly under attack by the mainstream scientific community.  The mainstream scientists tend to forget that everything they were taught as their most significant discoveries were only theory at one time.  As a matter of fact scientists never created anything…they just finally acknowledged or began realizing what had always been there through the limited perameters they insist everything be measured by.  Every one of the world’s biggest discoveries had been attacked by the so-called experts up until they the point in time were officially sanctioned and touted as an amazing discovery…as if they created something new. 

Examples of rigid contemporary scientific positions in the past would include “the world is flat”or “the sun rotates around the earth”.  When Gallaleio announced the earth rotated around the sun in 1634 he was charged with harrasey and placed under house arrest for the past eight years of his life.  This power is still held today but they use carrers, witholding funding and other supression methods to discourage any of the scientific community from stepping out of the rigidly defined box they have built.  Today hummingbirds and bumblebees still defy the laws of science.  If one is to be intelligent or discerning it is necessary to keep science in perspective.  Science has never defined what “is” it only acknowledges certain things they can confirm by present day methods and can replicate consistently.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being

Arthur Schopenhauer

German philosopher, 1788–1860

Although it is certainly important to be aware of the science that has been discovered it’s quite likely there is far more they don’t know than what they are currently aware of.  That’s a lot of room for growth.  There is always more to be learned by observing and investigating the exception to the rule than clinging so tightly to the rules.  These “rules” the scientific community use are only used until a better set of rules or tools are ultimately established to replace the previous set.  In the meantime many important discoveries are passed by or intentionally suppressed while still using the contemporary inaccurate or incomplete models of the day.  In some manners science is as detrimental as it is beneficial to the advancement of human awareness and understanding.  That’s where paranormal, supernatural, mystical and occult matters play a major role.  These illusive events defy the rules.  They have always been a major component in all cultures throughout history.  These paranormal events represent new science yet to be understood.

Mathematic equations in the paranormalScience, as many fields of expertise, is rigidly divided into disciplines due to its nature.  A critical and unfortunate unintended artifact of this manner of limited objectivity is that each discipline views their work with their own parameters while frequently overlooking or ignoring grander considerations or questions everyone should consider.  Mathematics is a good example of an absolute factual method of measure.  Mathematical ratios reflected in many ancient sacred sites, even the human anatomy and almost anywhere we are thinking to measure are now being discovered revealing entirely new understandings and perspectives.  They are slowly discovering measurable components of matter at every scale that is beginning to suggest how everything is connected.  This higher level of discovery is confirming that ancient civilizations were more aware of significant matters governing all that exists.  Suggesting also that they were more they were more technologically competent in many ways than we are today.

Mainstream science claims no understanding of what lies in the afterlife.  As far as they are concerned everything ends at that point.  By the same token scientific studies show that the weight of a human body is lightened at the precise moment of death.  Although the weight loss is minuscule it happens consistently at the moment of death.  They have no answer for this but they have confirmed some unexplained phenomenon has occurred.  Life after death is only one of several dozen paranormal phenomena science has no explanation for. 

Contemporary scientific methods of measurement have been far too crude to recognize or begin measuring realities our universe is comprised of.  These subtle energy fields and their intricate sophisticated interplay comprise the vast majority of all that exists from the smallest microscopic measures to the grandest cosmic scales.  What we view as conventional scientific understanding represents an extremely small percentage of reality.  The subtle energies do not fit the conservative institutional scientific models.  Due to development of certain technologically advanced devices scientists are just beginning to discover energy forms and fields they don’t know what to do with because they don’t fit into their current scientific models.

Dr._Claude_Swanson,_physicist,_MIT_& Princeton_UniversityTwo of the best books ever published scientifically confirming the realities of paranormal matters were published by Claude V. Swanson, PhD, an MIT and Princeton educated physicist.  After years of work in development of advanced technology projects including highly classified collaborative US and Russian submarine technology Dr. Swanson has devoted the balance of his life and career to better understanding subtle energy fields as demonstrated in paranormal events.  His relentless efforts have culminated what many now refer to as the bible of scientific confirmation of the paranormal.  His two-book research project is the world’s largest collection of scientific scrutiny of paranormal and supernatural matters.  These books are a must for anyone wishing to speak with knowledge and authority on the reality of paranormal phenomena.  They bring the intelligent factual reality to the forefront removing this information from the typical uninformed ridicule of mainstream culture.

The Synchronized UniverseHis first book The Synchronized Universe, New Science of the Paranormal“, presents a substantial number of experiments conducted under rigid scientific protocols confirming the presence of paranormal activity.

Life Force, The Scientific BasisHis second book published in 2010Life Force, A Scientific Basis“, took seven years to research and assimilate as an extremely valuable reference work for future study in these arenas.  This large format 700 page publication includes 1,500 scientifically conducted experiments and scientifically accepted papers detailing the presence of supernatural events and human abilities.  Several hundred photos and graphics provide an easily understood overview of these experiments with references for validation.  Anyone suggesting paranormal phenomenon has no scientific basis has obviously done little, if any, research on the matter.   These publications provide the world’s best resource for healers,metaphysicians, psychics, researchers, scientists and others looking to better understand subtle powers, communications and human potential.
Scientists for hundreds of years have been conducting scientific experiments conclusively proving the existence of paranormal activity.  The conservative institutions refuse to acknowledge these amazing documentations.  These experiments confirm the presence of human, animal and plant abilities but cannot yet explain exactly how it happens.  In many ways it seems apparent science has limited more than it has benefited the human condition.  It is absurd to wait for the scientific community to sanction reality before we accept it.

Shaman, healers, sorcerers, alchemists, dowsers, maji, wizards, priests, conjurers, prodigies, prophets, remote viewers and other informed and gifted individuals have used this knowledge for Milena.  Since this information empowers individuals it has been kept as tightly held secrets deep within the inner sanctums of powerful institutions.  This knowledge, in great part, is how they have been able to amass such great power over time.  It is perhaps important to note that scientific institutions only work on that which makes us reliant on external or controllable matters generating wealth for certain groups as opposed to research that would release us from these external reliance’s.

If we are to learn the most important of matters we must place conventional institutional science into the box it belongs.  Its severe limitations and rigid constraints based on incomplete and incorrect models keep individuals from experiencing and accepting reality as it truly exists.


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