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New understandings of natural laws appear to be opening doors to unlimited possibilities. These developments are not only rewriting concepts of physics but now identifying much that is presented as science-fiction a reality. It appears quite possible what science views as a vast void that makes up most of the universe is actually filled with life forms, subtle energies and dynamics not recognizable through our limited human senses and conventional scientific methodologies. 

In recent years the scientific community has discovered unique highly individualized DNA encoding embedded within each of us.  As is typical with rigid scientific protocols and methods of providing absolute confirmation of their findings they have made another grave fundamental error in their interpretations.  They label the largest volume of DNA as “Junk DNA”.  There is absolutely “NO” junk in nature.  There are only matters that scientists cannot understand or grasp using their current limited methods of measurement.  Within these areas lie the magic of new realities, worlds, dynamics and super-human potential.

Psychic abilities, time travel, levitation and dozens of other paranormal subject matter are rapidly migrating into the mainstream through new scientific discoveries.  The recent disclosure of highly classified government projects provide confirmation these human potentials are possible. Recognizing the presence of invisible subtle energy fields and their complex dynamics opens an entirely new realm of reality that begins to make sense of paranormal and spiritual matters from a scientific perspective. 

Is it possible we can create anything we can imagine? History not only seems to suggest its possible but the rate of this manifestation has been increasing exponentially in recent years. We can, and are, creating what we imagine.  Television shows like Star Trek are good examples of how quickly we develop what sounded silly a decade or two before.

Although science and theology have historically been at odds on many foundational beliefs that bridge is fast being closed from both directions through quantum physics and spirituality. Traditional religions and conventional science are being replaced by a much deeper grasp of natural laws through quantum physics and a more collective view of the common denominators of theological doctrines we commonly refer to as spirituality. It is possible both science and religions have been misinterpretations of the true nature of each.

Is it possible quantum physics, spirituality and the paranormal, or supernatural, are one and the same? Is it possible whatever we can create mechanically or technologically we can, or will be able to, do soon without the need for external physical devices? Perhaps this is our purpose here on this earth at this time. Is it possible we are being given more abilities to create and at the same time determine if we are capable of doing this in a manner that will be respectful of the natural balance of all living things?

It has become appallingly clear our technology has outpaced our humanity. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein had passed on to the next realm in 1955 but one of his most profound quotes appears to have greater significance as technological advancements rapidly move forward. He stated “It has become appallingly clear our technology has outpaced our humanity”. Our aggressive pursuit of technology appears to be driven too often by greed and pursuit of power, manipulation and domination for personal benefit or gain. Projecting this imbalance forward combined with lack of accountability of government agencies, the military and big corporations controlling these technological advancements leads to very disturbing outcomes.  A grander view based on the common denominators of science and religion you begin building on a foundation beyond the understanding and comprehension of both.

As you look at the methods of communication evolving from drums and smoke signals to radio, television, telephones, cell phones, and now the Internet the sophistication and rapid advancements indicate we are making quantum leaps toward unlimited potential. Scientific experiments and research have confirmed the reality of psychic abilities and telepathic communication within certain individuals in studies around the world. Telepathic communication seems like a next logical progression leap for human evolution. Is it possible anything we have accomplished with mechanical and technological devices we will  soon be able to achieve without external physical devices.

Scientific confirmation of the existence of these abilities have already happened time and time again. A book authored by Claude V. Swanson, PhD, in 2010 titled Life Force, The Scientific Basis is the world’s most comprehensive collection of scientific experiments and scientific papers conforming the existence of paranormal realities. The introduction of these confirmations through our rigid conventional institutions and mainstream media have been primary contributors to the suppression of such knowledge. Perhaps the motivations of economic powers of the largest economic forces around the globe and their influence on governments, religions and educational institutions feel the need to suppress such information to continue our dependency on expensive external systems that are no longer needed.

It’s now time to move beyond the constraints an limitations of contemporary science and institutions and begin search, discovery, understanding and knowing on all matters of significance.

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  1. Sheep are utterly dependent upon the shepherd: if one gets lost, it
    is unable to find its way back home. Prayers are said in conjunction with its presence on one’s person. When we humans
    put things into perspective we will soon realize that science is no different from metaphysics
    and spirituality.

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