ETs – Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Based on an overwhelming amount evidence now available it has become apparent extraterrestrial beings do exist.  They are not only real but have been interacting here on earth for a very long time.

Both historic and current information being presented through official government documents, high ranking government official’s testimony and firsthand reports from an incredible number of reliable witnesses confirm extraterrestrial beings are here and have been interacting with humans throughout history.  Possibly more surprising is the United States Government has been interacting with these beings since the last half of the last century according to numerous witnesses formerly involved in these highly classified covert operations.  The thousands of eyewitnesses and participants that have openly come forward include military generals, Air Force base commanders, military and commercial pilots, former government intelligence agents, NASA officials, astronauts, government contractors and other trustworthy individuals.  Many of these individuals state they are tired of the lies and cover-ups and believe it is time to come forward and tell the truth for the benefit of mankind.

It appears the world’s biggest secret is about to be exposed to the world in the very near future…Rick Nelson 
Throughout recorded human history advanced cultures have always had a small segment of intelligent and wise individuals driven by a great sense of curiosity about other realities beyond the obvious and what was being taught.  As the discoveries of these remarkable individuals started being introduced to the public their potential to influence public opinion was recognized by the ruling elite of the day.  If these new findings were recognized as being a threat to the control of the ruling class they were quickly identified, neutralized and/or eliminated.  These persons were approached and given options.  They were offered titles, positions, wealth and authority for their silence based on the significance of their finds.  The options for not cooperating ranged from public ridicule and insuring financial failure to termination. 

Those inquisitive thoughtful observers have discovered much. Unfortunately this information has always been held in check and ridiculed by the scientific, religious, educational and governmental institutions of the day. These mainstream institutions have always insisted the public to conform to their official beliefs.  This handful of elite has always controlled the public’s perceptions of reality.  These same groups in the past insisted the sun and stars revolved around the Earth which they considered to be the center of the universe.  The greatest of truths will likely never be known or taught by the experts of the day but more accurately understood and portrayed by advanced philosophers and spiritual leaders.

The disclosure of the extraterrestrial reality would change most foundational beliefs about who we are, where we come from, why we’re here and what are we capable of…Rick Nelson
This disclosure would require substantial changes in beliefs about history, science, technology, astronomy, anthropology, religion, government, the media and more.  It represents impacts far greater than the failure of the global economy or any other discovery in recorded history.  It’s time everyone gives this matter serious thought and consideration.

The possibility of the existence of intelligent life through our universe is seeping into our conservative scientific culture at an ever increasing rate. What has been scoffed at for decades appears to be crystallizing in our evolving belief systems based on current scientific research providing significant evidence that the phenomena is real.  For anyone to form a strong opinion on this matter without doing any personal research is simply ridiculous and irrational.  Government and cultural programming has been very effective in hiding and dismissing facts about the phenomena by ridiculing all who suggest differently.  We now live in a culture where perception carries more weight than reality…a sad but accurate fact.

A high volume of photographs, videos, official classified government documents, mass witness sightings, implants, hypnotic regressions and disclosure by many large governments and military personnel involved with these covert projects are helping migrate the presence of this reality into human awareness. There is more than enough evidence to prove the existence and presence of these beings in any court in the land.

In 2001 The Disclosure Project (Video Link) developed by Dr. Steven Greer held the largest attended press conference ever presented at the National Press Club in Washington DC.  All major news services, television networks, newspapers and other news reporters were in attendance to cover the world’s most comprehensive assemblage of credible facts, evidence and testimony ever produced on the UFO reality.   NOT ONE major television newscast, newspaper, news magazine or radio news broadcast delivered the information contained in this historic event to the public.  OUR US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THE LARGEST ECONOMIC ENERGY INTERESTS ON THE PLANET IMPOSED A COMPLETE BLACKOUT OF ALL NEWS MEDIA ON THE MOST IMPORTANT PRESS CONFERENCE EVER HELD.  How could this possibly happen?…Think about it very carefully.  There is absolutely no practical or logical answer to this question.  To completely suppress the best facts and evidence ever presented on world’s biggest story ever disclosed is a deeply disturbing matter.  Any answers anyone could come up with raises even more serious questions at the highest levels.  This is likely one of the most important questions to ever be posed to our elected representatives, government, military officials and news media.  The answer will likely open doors to address most of the greatest issues we face today in an entirely new light.

Most Native American tribes and other indigenous cultures from around the world believe we are descended from others throughout the universe. Ancient hieroglyphs and historic religious artwork indicate the acknowledgement of their presence throughout recorded history.  Movies and television are powerful influences forming our cultural beliefs shifting us to accepting the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Most people now know of friends, family, acquaintances or co-workers that have witnessed a UFO event. Closer encounters with Extraterrestrial beings are now being acknowledged by the thousands at an ever increasing rate all over the world. Thousands of detailed stories from hypnotic regression sessions by qualified professionals are documenting comon experiences of UFO and extraterrettrial encounters.  Highly credible witnesses are now beginning to disclose their extraterrestrial experiences as it becomes more acceptable to discuss in social arenas.  Elected officials are being more cautious about how they respond to questions related to these sensitive matters.

In early 2008, Larry King Live television presented military witnesses presenting their personal experiences to the public in a believable manner.  A very significant event since a close monitoring of any mainstream televised panels on the UFO/ET subjects have methodically  changed.  The make-up of these panels was originally at least half skeptics and not the best presenters of the “pro” side.  Progressively the shows have presented more compelling proponents, less believable naysayers, and now the panelist makeup is weighted with  greater number of positive presenters.  This is no small coincidence since television presentations of this nature are designed specifically on the predetermined outcome desired.  It’s just the way the industry works.

Ancient Aliens

Since about the year 2000, the History Channel has been the television leader in presenting the most comprehensive and significant facts and information on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials…a powerful information source for those wanting helpful information about the truth of this powerful and complex subject.

The US Government has systematically started covering up this shocking reality beginning with the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico incident.  After open military disclosure to the media about a recovered crashed saucer shaped craft with entities/bodies aboard the government facts immediately change.  Higher ranking military officials intervene and hold a press conference announcing a weather balloon cover story.  Dozens of participants and witnesses to the event have come forward in recent years stating their lives were threatened by military and other government officials if they shared any personal accounts of their involvement or knowledge of the event as they actually experienced it.

The US Government and military subsequently developed a number of classified projects to discount and spread disinformation about the UFO matter.  Many key individuals involved in these classified cover-up efforts have begun confessing the truth about the matter.  

Extraterrestrial Beings

It’s important to remember that it’s not UFOs we should focus on but the highly intelligent beings and access to the technologies it represents…Rick Nelson
  High caliber international organizations and conferences are being created around the world to gather and present reliable and compelling information on extraterrestrial life forms and races. A number of international ambassador groups have also been created in recent years to contact, communicate, develop greater understanding and form formal relationships with these extraterrestrial beings.

Since the US Government cover-up of the Roswell incident July, 1947 many top secret government programs have been developed to investigate and capture (whenever possible) craft, devices and entities for extensive research.  Much is now known about these programs through those having worked on these projects.

The entity shown on the right is a photo composite from a video claiming to be an authentic documentation of an extraterrestrial captured and held for research by the United States Government.  (Video Link).  Reports from a number of individuals involved with this multi-year research program say they began referring to this being as “Skinny Bob”.  This video is one of seven posted on the Internet May, 2011 supposedly showing extraterrestrial film footage from 1942-1969.

From all indications the motivations of these covert programs appear to be designed to suppress advanced technologies that would free the world population from reliance on expensive privately owned technologies such as fossil fuels.  Insiders working on these programs have stated many of the “Black Ops” (“Dark” or covert government/military operations) are frequently funded by the world’s largest oil companies.  According to numerous government agents, segments deep within the US Government Intelligence Agencies have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars for individual extraterrestrial craft and their back-engineered technologies conducted by private government contractors.

Disclosure of these advanced technologies threatens tens of trillions of dollars currently controlled by the world’s largest energy and economic interests.  These commercial interests are owned by a small group of global elite that have been the world’s most wealthy for more than 100 years.  It appears the US Government has been able to suppress development of these technologies using a myriad of tactics from denying patents and a number of other more disturbing activities up to, and including, assassinations.

For anyone doing a minimal amount of research on these matters it is readily apparent there is great validity to the presence of these beings and their interaction with humans on this planet. From all indications the worldwide exposure to their introduction is tied to a 26,000 year cosmic event cycle many refer to as the Mayan calendar event of December 21, 2012.  Although this date is also acknowledged by most all indigenous cultures around the world the mainstream media has only presented the Mayan reference, incorrectly representing the thrust of this information according to all Mayan elders and Tribal Officials.  The Mayan and other indigenous peoples on the planet tell a story of a great time of transition, introduction and awareness to reality on a much grander scale.

Many ask “why doesn’t the news media expose the UFO cover-up?”  The answer is fairly simple…the global control of money, power and most importantly…people…Rick Nelson 

In 1983, the major media was owned by 52 individual companies.  In 2008 that same percentage of major media control was owned by 5 major corporations.  Systematic government deregulation and corporate conglomerate take-overs have now allowed a very small group of economic interests to set mass perception about UFOs and other major matters that would provide viable options threatening these tightly held economic interests.  It is amazing what can happen right in front of you while your attention has been drwan to something else.  People tend to forget that the news media is a business…only a business…these struggling businesses can be purchased and used for the objectives of it’s owners.

As this amazing extraterrestrial reality unfolds it is important everyone be curious, open-minded, discerning and cautious but never paranoid.  It is time for us to trust our intuition rather than mainstream institutional sources.  This is indeed a time of great human evolution.


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