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 Dimensions, Realms, Worlds & Realities

Blog Posted 8-31-17

If you believe you know what our world is about based on contemporary mainstream scientific beliefs, you’re wrong…unfortunately, very wrong. In our tangible intellectual/physical experience, we exist in a very specific carbon-based energy field here on the planet earth. This is what most refer to as our “reality”.   In actual fact it is “a” reality, not “THE COMPLETE” reality.

In recent decades scientific advancements, in the arena of quantum physics, have been recognizing and documenting the existence of numerous subtle energy realities previously unknown, or adopted, by today’s mainstream scientific community. The information presented in this article represents a collective simplified overview of these emerging realities which are now defining matters that have been intuitively known but hesitantly discussed, or ridiculed, in present day institutional culture. The world is now moving beyond that institutional roadblock bridging the illusive gap between science and spirituality beliefs. As I have stated for years “science and spirituality are one and the same… science is just an extremely slow process too often controlled and driven by large financial interests”.

There are many dimensions, realms, worlds and realities just beyond Scientific_limitations_misperceivedour human ability to grasp or comprehend as viewed from this earthly carbon-based environment and interpreted from our physical, biological, intellectual form. Events that have occurred involving these unusual arenas are often referred to, or viewed and labeled, as spiritual, paranormal or supernatural. Since it is often said that science cannot confirm these realities by contemporary conventional methodologies, they are summarily dismissed by the mainstream and attacked or ridiculed by economically motivate institutions including the media. As a result, these supernatural and spiritual matters have sadly been viewed and treated as such by the masses in our mainstream culture“The box” conventional science creates for us certainly has its place however is far too limiting to disclose much grander realities that have always existed.  It appears the teachings of religious institutions, that were created by man, are missing some key components, include distortions and are not completely accurate.

If you have the ability to maintain an open mind reading this information, it should be apparent that we can view ourselves from a much larger perspective where everything begins to make more sense. REMAIN CURIOUS…reality is far greater than the restrictive boundary perceptions theremain curious controlling elite would like us to believe and accept.  Matters such as the existence of an afterlife, reincarnation, ghosts, extraterrestrial, angelic and demonic beings begin to have a practical place in our intellectual perception. In this information age, experiences are being documented and shared by millions of individuals, as they look for others like themselves who are authoring books, forming groups, hosting and/or utilizing websites, and creating organizations and communities to share with each other while learning and sharing their discoveries with the world. It’s now time to stop clinging to fundamental scientific and cultural beliefs that have become more of a restriction than a benefit in moving us forward into a greater awareness and deeper understanding of reality and the true laws of nature.

Now let’s get back to the conceptual foundation of our topic. There are so many forms, types and fields of energy, it is impossible for the human intellect to comprehend them all. Keep in mind, every scientific discovery continually tesla quotedemonstrates reality is much larger, much smaller and far more sophisticated than they previously wanted us to accept. Each of these dimensions, realms, worlds and realities exhibit their own individually unique scientific foundation, different than our own, making it very difficult to comprehend and explain.  One of the most common comments made about these unfamiliar, seemingly bizarre, experiences is that there is NO scientific proof of these occurrences. Those who make these statements are simply uneducated or uninformed about such matters. There has always been scientific confirmation of them however, it hasn’t been brought to the mainstream public’s attention for a number of practical reasons, such as, economic and profit generation by individuals who currently live off the institutional systems they control.

If you’re looking for such “official scientific” documentation, one single book stands far above any other. The book, Life ForceThe Scientific Basis (Volume 2 of the Synchronized Universe) authored by Dr. Claude V. Swanson, an MIT and Princeton educated physicist, provides more than enough evidence to begin understanding the presence of realities far beyond contemporary mainstream misperception. This book consists ofLife_Force_The_Scientific_Basis,_by_Dr._Claude_V._Swanson over 1,500 confirmed scientific experiments and peer reviewed papers confirming the existence of these phenomena. It does an outstanding job of identifying various phenomena, when the work was done, how it was conducted, by whom, and the necessary source information to research further, if you wish. From this collection of scientific works it becomes obvious there are numerous subtle energy fields that exist outside the scope of conventional beliefs. From astral travel, remote viewing and telepathy, to telekinesis, psychic communication and more, this world’s largest reference book provides the scientific proof of realities which most people aren’t aware exist. It is within these subtle energy arenas, where the limited capacities of our five senses can’t recognize them, that these other worlds and realities reside. One example is the human soul as it passes on to the next realm. Even scientific beliefs state, “nothing ceases to exist, it just changes form.”  An additional example experts have now been able to confirm through rigorous scientific testing the weight measurement of the soul at the moment it leaves the human body.

These distinctly unique realities and worlds are self-contained and each governed by their own specific physics or sets of physical laws. This makes them extremely difficult to understand by attempting to view them through carbon-based, three dimensional (or 3-D) physics with the current level of knowledge and limited understanding that contemporary science has of them. The fact is, we don’t live in a 3-Dimensional world – we live in aDoor_to_the_Universe MULTI-DIMENSIONAL world.

Good examples to help accept these new concepts might be television and radio waves. Each channel and station on the dials represents a very distinctly unique individual energy field. Each of them portrays a separate independent reality taking place, all at the same time and in the same space each coexisting but in a slightly different frequency. There are about 44,000 radio stations worldwide. Source: The World Factbook, 2010 Central Intelligence Agency.  Over 15,000 stations are in the US alone and you can tune into these stations from the opposite side of the world with a shortwave radio. Let the concept of those energy fields sink in for a moment. You can’t see, hear, touch, smell or taste these energy transmissions, but tens of thousands of them coexist simultaneously in the sea of air we breathe and, in which, we exist. If you would have spoken about the concept of television or radio a hundred years before science accepted them, you would have been publically ridiculed, mocked and even attacked by all mainstream institutions. Unfortunately, attacks by the same institutions exist today for the same reasons.

Quantum physics research has been discovering that aspects of these same general subtle energy concepts referenced above also apply to the coexistence of other dimensions, realms, worlds and realities. Take this radio station/TV channel concept a step further. What if these other worlds Other_Dimensional_beingsexisted in other subtle energy fields exist not only in other parts of the cosmos but as parallel realities coexisting with us right here. Ghosts, spirits and other entities are here in another field of energy but just beyond our human perception. This new logic should make sense because it appears to be the case based on an overabundance of new scientific research which supports the existence of spiritual, supernatural, paranormal, myth and other matters that have always been an integral part of all human cultures.

Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago these same institutions convinced the public for generations the earth was flat, the earth was the center of the universe and dozens of other substantially incorrect foundational beliefs. It’s now time to consider the world exists of so many subtle energy fields beyond our mainstream programming which make up a grander and much more sophisticated reality…a more COMPLETE reality.

Keep in mind, one single underlying element motivates all these large institution’s actions…extreme wealth derived from the masses. Our personal freedom and independence threaten our dependency and reliance on the financially driven institutions that live off this mass perception manipulation. If you have difficulty accepting this fact, don’t worry, it will continue to present itself again and again until you do.  Since institutional teachings promote fear regarding these topics it’s important to remember we have always lived with these realities and the only thing that has actually changed is your perception.

This information is intended to open your mind to consider other perceptions beyond what you have been programmed to believe by self-serving financially motivated mainstream institutions. It is recommended you always keep an open mind, don’t leap to conclusions or form rigid beliefs, question everything…especially authority, do your own research, be discerning, listen to your intuition and form your own opinions. Now enjoy your personal evolution into a grander reality!

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