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Children's Secret WorldsChildren are very unique in most paranormal matters for a great number of reasons.  Do not, under any circumstances, start to leap into the fear or paranoid camp about this matter.  That thinking would come from your uninformed fear based programing.  Sadly, we’re taught to fear the unknown and assume the worst rather than be curious and attempt to understand and learn from it.  Remember that nothing is to be feared, just understood and respected

In all likelihood a child usually has a much more active connection with pure reality and are likely more astute in such matters and certainly capable of dealing with it in a more practical manner.  Kids are curious, open-minded, not opinionated and usually fascinated about the unfamiliar experiences without preconceptions or knee-jerk emotional responses that are culturally implanted in their persona.  They won’t have the programmed intellectual analysis of what they are experiencing however they are often acknowledging something we as adults have difficulty accepting because we have no place in our thought processes or concepts to place it yet.  They wonder about experiences adults are programmed to dismiss.  It would be impractical to begin accepting most or every unusual experience a child is sharing with an adult as a supernatural or paranormal event but being aware of the flow of this behavior and use of thoughtful discernment could be an invaluable learning opportunity for the both of you.  Their unadulterated and unbiased view of the world may be one of our greatest potentials to understand the world in its most complete and truthful terms.  They automatically accept they are in a learning phase of life and most adults have limited what they desire to learn.

We tend to rationalize or dismiss children’s unusual comments and stories’ assuming it’s an active imagination or desire for attention.  Of course, sometimes, this is the case.  Quite often something we are unfamiliar with or can’t see or hear is taking place.  Kid’s imaginary friends are possibly some of the most common examples of an experienced reality taking place so it would be prudent to hesitate before moving into our automatic rationalization mode.  Much of the information about some encounters they are actually experiencing could include some embellishment, a little fantasy or misinterpretation on their part making it more difficult to consider seriously.  A great number of adults are now beginning to confess that have discovered later in life their so called childhood imaginary friend (or friends) were actually extraterrestrial beings, human spirits or beings from another dimension they were interacting with.

Children's Secret WorldsA surprisingly large number of intelligent adults, of rational mind, are now recounting experiences they had as adolescents regarding what we commonly refer to as ghosts, extraterrestrial beings, UFOs and other supernatural beings or events.  In a good number of cases many are beginning to be exposed to these phenomena again.  This especially seems to be true with individuals desiring such a reconnection and making requests for it in a quiet, contemplative or meditative state.

Unlike children, adults have had our minds filled with wild and crazy thoughts about most paranormal matters given us over the many years.   The uneducated information presented through movies, television, news media, friends and family slants usually offer bigger separation from the truth than likely to be found any other place.  Keep in mind most of our exposure to any paranormal or supernatural topic IS delivered through the mainstream media programming.

The actual events so many individuals experience are frequently brief encounters and rarely repeat themselves.  This makes the event even easier to ignore or rationalize and move on.  It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen it just means we chose not to consider it or think about it further.  Kids on the other hand aren’t as overwhelmed with busy schedules and then to notice things and begin trying to interact with them.

A child's worldAgain, children have a clean slate for unbiased exploration and discovery of any experience they are entering into.  It’s possible we have as much, if not more, to learn from them.  Innocent curiosity can recognize more than the more developed predisposed intellect of the human adult.  These young souls are learning primarily from personal experience, natural laws and parental influence prior to exposure to mainstream commercially driven cultural marketing.

Most kids have not yet been programmed on such matters until their exposure to television becomes their primary source of learning.  Cartoons and advertisements will likely be the biggest unhealthy indoctrinators. Movies and television make much greater profits through shock, horror and exaggerated drama.  Commercial advertising promotes emotional driven decision making, false values, and unhealthy perceptions and priorities.  This makes for great entertainment but really distorts any sense of reality.  Once they start being mindlessly and routinely exposed to the shock, distortion, drama their values perceptions and priorities about everything begins taking a very sad direction unfortunately.  Their connection with any actual supernatural events or experiences becomes more distant over time due to the lack of acknoledgment or interest from parents or other adults they intuitively look to for wisdom and direction.  Perhaps the scariest matters filling their little minds are the news, politics and big business propaganda.  As parents we are so busy teaching our children about our world we forget to discover what they can teach us about theirs.

Children's programing ~ primaryb default educationWe have created an adult culture that values perception more than reality and are inadvertently passing this illusional economically driven value system onto the younger generation.

Asking a child from the ages of 3-9 (some slightly older) a simple question about who they were before they were here frequently yields shocking results.  This seems to be the most common age in their life cycle experience where they have their clearest access to memories and knowledge of other or former realities and experiences.  Frequently their extensive detailed accounts of another life here include names, dates, places and events no one would possibly know about without researching them.  Exactly how this works and what it represents is not clear despite a few plausible theories.  The large number of documented cases defies any and all conventional explanations.  There is much to be learned here especially about who we are and how we come to be here.  A surprising number of adults have such memories that are not imparted until some unique or traumatic event triggers it.


These experiences exist and have always been evident throughout history.  Continuing to ignore these unexplainable matters will insure our stagnation in human evolution.  Exploring these and other phenomena will open doors to human awareness and begin providing answers to some of our most provocative questions and supernatural experiences.  Perhaps we will begin to understand more about the human cycles and experience eventually leading to uncovering who we truly are.  Don’t forget that our children’s insights might just unlock the answers.


~ First Blog posted January 2012 ~

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