Bizarre Stan Romanek experiences continue….


The bizarre Stan Romanek experiences continue………

Posted May 24, 2015

Stan_Romanek_handprints_burned_into_pillowcase_during_meditationA spurt of supernatural events has escalated in the Romanek’s Colorado home the past couple of weeks.  In addition to unexplainable flashes of light, self-activating equipment, dark shadow like humanoid figures being photographed in the home things continue to head in yet another even more perplexing direction.

For those not familiar with Stan Romanek he has been experiencing more than 100 different types of experiences over the course of his life primarily in the past 15 years (much of which appears to be related to UFO or extraterrestrial entities often incorporating covert government operations).  He and his wife Lisa have written 4 books in recent years documenting their surreal journey of unexplainable experiences along with the stress, confusion and frustration of trying to raise a family in a semi-normal environment.

After receiving two pieces of correspondence (see documents below), delivered in a seemingly impossible manner, stating “it’s time for Stan and other Starseeds related to their efforts to now become aware of their abilities through meditation” other activity in the home began   Friday evening May 15, 2015.  On Monday May 18thStan_Romanek's_mysterious_meditation_letters Stan attempted to go into a meditative state using a Holosync Meditation DVD from the Monroe Institute.  After listening to a general instruction DVD he then began listening to the hypnosis DVD placing him into a deep trance.  After about 30 minutes sitting on his bed with his eyes closed, legs crossed with his back to the headboard buffered by a pillow he began going deep into a meditative state.  With a large bed pillow lying over his left leg and left hand facing downward on the pillow, right hand facing palm up on his right leg Stan began to have another of a long list of seemingly unrelated and confusing experiences.

Both his hands felt like they were getting extremely hot to the point where the stinging became unbearable.  He opened his eyes to see that not only were his hands very red but were even blistering.  He rushed to the bathroom to run water over them to cool them off and stop the intense pain.  He had immediately yelled out in shock and pain which alerted his wife Lisa and friend Michael who were in the home.  Back in the bedroom they realized the back of his right hand had left a burn mark on his shorts but his left hand palm was generating so much heat energy it had burned through a couple layers of the pillow cover as shown above.  Upon inspection they saw smoke and noticed the burning smells which included singing the hairs off the back of both hands to just above the wrist.

Still in pain Stan immediately called a very knowledgeable gentleman that befriended him a couple of years ago.   Among the numerous PhDs held by this individual he is also a psychologist that has been deeply involved Top Secret military/government programs dealing with extraterrestrial contact and exceptional children and individuals with, or, the ability to develop, supernatural/psychic powers.

The Dr. suggested he have his temperature taken which Stan and Michael confirmed as slightly above 102 degrees.  He also suggested Stan go outside Romanek_handprints_footprints_burned_in_lawnimmediately and place both hands and feet on the grass to get grounded and disburse any residual excess heat and energy build-up in his body.  Despite the constant rain for several days the grass began dying shortly after where both feet and hands were placed for only 1-2 minutes which finally allowed the pain in his hands to subside and become bearable.  The Dr. also suggested Stan take his temperature after his grounding which turned out to be 96.7 (close to Stan’s normal readings).


This report was prepared as documentation of the event by Rick Nelson, founder of the Paranormal Research Forum, and lead investigator in the Romanek experiences for several years now.  Although a number of investigative groups have been documenting Stan’s experiences since the year 2000 Rick has been monitoring the longest and has introduced many experts and groups with the equipment and expertise to provide independent investigation and documentation of events.

For the most current updates on the unusual activity related to the Romanek family you can follow Lisa Romanek’s Facebook page at .


Starseed Letter B

Starseed Letter A

Romanek Starseed Letter A

  1. i want to know everything

    • A lot of us do. Unfortunately there is so much that has happened even those closest can’t grasp it all. It’s complicated, disorienting and confusing. I guess I would have to say it appears a bit of everything is true (except for the recent charges which not one person close to him believes are true). The bottom line for me is that some things have been government involvement but most have not and that absolutely unexplainable events continue to happen to Stan Romanek that have been witnessed by hundreds since 2010. These experiences can give us an opportunity to begin understanding worlds and realities beyond our own. I remain with an open mind, a deep sense of curiosity, caution, a reasonable degree of rational skepticism, great discernment and don’t leap to conclusions based on any single action or event which most people tend to do.

      As lead investigator on this case for nearly a decade now I can assure you my dozens of experiences around him (with others also present) make it apparent extraterrestrial beings are interacting with Stan Romanek. These events continue to this day…

  2. Is stan ok?

    • Stan is going through a great deal on most fronts right now. At the moment the trial has demanded most of his attention.

  3. I’m ready, what do we do ?

  4. I Know this is a little old, but have you seen any ufo reports regrarding stan I don’t go on this website much email me

    • No, not for some time. With his upcoming trial his attorney had recommended he not post anything regarding his experiences. Bizarre events continue to happen routinely though. This past Sunday Stan was using a paper towel and scorched all the edges. We’re just as confused as anyone about it. It’s quite possibly related to the energy he has been generating when doing healing work on individuals.

  5. I would like to know what happens to people who have similar experiences who choose to ignore them.

    LOL! My dog just barked and my cell phone made a noise and illuminated over on the coffee table and I was terrified I was going to find a message warning me not to send this.

    But … are there any people out there who have had any degree of similar experiences who sense, in some way, they are being punished for ignoring these experiences?

    • It’s a difficult question to respond to. I don’t believe the word “punished” is applicable based on the more than 100 people, believing to be experiencers, I’ve interviewed. There are typically follow-up experiences especially for those that respond with more interest or curosity rather than fear. Physical evidence defying scientific and medical explination and multiple eye-witnesses are some of the best indicators of serious ongoing connections. It is a very complex matter that we are hoping to find some sipmle answers for. Wish I had more time but that’s my best response for now.

  6. what kind of healing can Stan do. I suffer from many maladies and i want to know if he can help my constant pain

    • It’s unknown at this time. Some of the recognizable external results confirm somehting very powerful is happening but much more is to be learned. He’s just begining to be aware of it and needs to understand more before talking about it ooenly.

  7. Keep us posted.

  8. My life’s journey started back in late 2016 after a panic attack. I started researching meditation, paranormal, Abraham hicks, I personally own a holosync set as well this information I came across with Stan…With all the information I have reasearched, information that has crossed my path and feel within me. It all ties in together. It is truly continually blowing my mind how incredible this universe is!

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