Bigfoot Creatures fitting the description of a 6-12′ tall hairy humanoid/ apelike creature have been witnessed and reported around the world for centuries. The ever increasing reports are in part due to growing communication technologies in mainstream cultures. Indigenous cultures and remote communities have accepted their presence making them a part of their local folklore for many generations.

Based on the large majority of reports the characteristics of the creature are that they are reclusive, weary of humans, extremely strong, nocturnal, territorial, claim large expanses of territory, have a pungent odor (skunk like), communicate with deep guttural and sometimes high pitched sounds, use knocking on rocks or trees to communicate over long distances, and use bent small tree sapling and 6-10′ sticks to create tee-pee like structures marking their territory.

Most Native American tribe’s oral history identifies such a creature all across the North American continent. Remote heavily wooded areas are where most sightings are reported although other high report activity in flatland areas such as Oklahoma, Texas and the swamps of Florida . Numerous hair samples have been collected in conjunction with Bigfoot sightings that have been identified as being from an unidentified primate. Over 400 credible sightings are reported annually in the U.S. according to a 2008 History Channel presentation.

Hundreds of footprints plus hand prints and even a definitive body print lead experts to speculate that the creature truly exists. DNA samples from sightings tested have identified an unknown creature similar to both humans and apes but clearly not either species.

Cryptozoologists and Universities have conducted extensive research and collected a substantial amount of physical evidence indicating the strong probability of the creature’s existence.  Some universities have collected a great tremendous amount of forensic evidence determined to not be a  species of mammal not  known known to science and fitting description of the reported Bigfoot creature.

The Pacific Northwest is the most prolific based on filed reports followed by high activity areas such as Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and others. The five areas of Colorado having the greatest number of documented sighting reports are Leadville, Pikes Peak, Eagle County, San Juan Mtn. Range and LaMangas Pass (South Central Colorado immediately North of the New Mexico border).  One of the larger US Bigfoot report databases found on the web is posted by BFRO, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Most mainstream television media unfortunately present any Bigfoot accounts in a humorous light with no research or intelligent thought on the matter whatsoever.  Local news papers have been a far more professional reporting source on these matters.  Some can be viewed here at the BFRO website.

Government Bigfoot sign posted on road to Pike's PeakCertain areas of the world and US are receiving larger a number of accounts from credible individuals and government park officials having no motivation to exaggerate or manufacture such information.  Several areas high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado have always had a great number of reports.  So many have been submitted that the sign shown here had been posted in 1999 on the only road going to the top of Pike’s Peak.

Many Bigfoot research groups around the world and North America spend countless hours through the night in extremely remote locations to discover and document this illusive ape/human-like entity.  There are far too many good reports to dismiss this subject as fantasy as the media would suggest.  Anyone taking the time to investigate the areas of heavy sighting reports finds there are for more individuals willing to share their personal Bigfoot encounters and experiences that are ever reported.

As of December 2012 there were 27 million websites about, or referencing, Bigfoot doing a Google search.  More and more our mainstream media appears to report only on items with an element of economic benefit to various organizations, businesses , governments or individuals.  The advent of the Internet has provided a venue for individuals to begin organizing and communicating on matters not driven solely by economics and power.  To this end organizations related to investigation, research, reporting and understanding of paranormal matters such as Bigfoot are growing not just in interest but sharing previously obscure data and information collected and presented in a meaningful manner.  Encouraging friends who have had encounters with Bigfoot and other phenomena to file Internet reports will contribute to the more comprehensive databases in which to process and glean valuable information on these unique topics.


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  1. Hi! Great post! 🙂

  2. Love the info,I have land outside FT Garland and have heard vocalizations that sound like bigfoot while camping there.I have 900 ft of creek frontage and every animal passes through there and two cougars live on my land where they have killed many deer.

    • Thanks Doug. I make it down in that area at least every August. I sponsor a UFO Camp Trip next to the Sand Dunes you might be interested in. This year will be the 29th annual camp outing. I usually have between 60-150 people show up so ho0efully you might join us this year. I may pass your name along to a researcher in Colorado Springs that does video documentaries on Bigfoot and similar phenomenon.

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