PRF July 15, 2015 |”Ancient’s Study of the Stars”…Awareness of Cosmic Influence

Ancient’s Study of the Stars

Awareness of Cosmic Influence

PRF Presentation 7-15-15


Chris Brennan

Astrologer l Teacher l Lecturer


Ever wondered why people look to astrological alignments and events for insights?  It’s time to step back, open your mind and reconsider old opinions formed at a less evolved time in your life.  To have an intelligent consideration on this matter it’s necessary to step out of any mainstream commercialized western perception that has been marketed and objectively view the foundation and facts that have created and sustained this knowledge for many thousands of years.  Before forming any opinions about such work it’s important to remember Albertastrology_star_understandings,_PRF,_Paranormal_Research_Forum Einstein’s quote ~ “Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.”  With that in mind our Wednesday evening presentation will provide an historic foundation for your consideration as science and spirituality are slowly starting to be viewed as one.

Chris Brennan, is a professional astrologer based in Denver, Colorado.  He was educated at Kepler College, focusing on cross-cultural comparisons between the astrological traditions. His special interest is in the history, philosophy, and practice of ancient astrology, specializing in the Greco-Roman tradition of astrology known as Hellenistic Astrology.  More information can be found on his website

He is a former Research Director of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and currently an associate editor of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, writing a monthly column on auspicious dates for beginning new ventures using electional astrology.  His popular blog The Horoscopic Astrology Blog was created in 2007, and created a semi-regular podcast recording in 2012 called The Astrology Podcast. In 2008 he founded an astrology group that holds monthly meetings in Colorado called The Denver Astrology Group.

He teaches online courses on astrology with students from around the world, and offers certification through his Hellenistic astrology course. Chris currently in the process of completing his first book, titled Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate

Scientists are discovering every star and planet has a unique signature of subtle energy which in some form and manner affects life events and activity within their influence.  Our sun’s electromagnetic fields are only one of the more dramatic examples of these energies science recognizes and is now giving great consideration to.  Subtle driving forces in the background of our environment may not be obvious but are critical to be aware of.  To dismiss or minimize their role in our lives would be unwise.

It has been made clear for thousands and tens of thousands of years most prominent ancient cultures on most continents have had access to technologies far beyond our current global cultures.  chinese_astrology,_PRF,_Paranormal_Research_ForumAll of them closely and thoughtfully observed their relationships with nature and recognized specific correlations with specific planetary and star alignments.  Each of these cultures developed their own methodology for analysis continually refining their understanding of our relationship to the stars, heavens and their influences.

For thousands of years Egyptian, European, Chinese, Mayan and other cultures have meticulously tracked astrological positions and events to determine their relationship with human and planetary activity.  The patterns independently identified by these multiple cultures clearly demonstrate an absolute relationship with us and our planet.

astrology,_PRF,_Paranormal_Research_ForumThe first half of the evening’s presentation will focus primarily on the creation and history of astrology including the diverse cultural approaches and the western methodology which incorporates a collective of these processes.  The second half will be driven more by audience interests and answering questions that arise.

Since our culture has been so focused on the pursuit of technological advancements we have lost our connection and relationship with nature.  Perhaps our most profound connection and natural influence is the star systems that we are an integral part of.




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