Wed. Nov. 15, 2017…”TELEKINESIS”…Mastering Consciousness by Moving Physical Objects Through Intention


Mastering Consciousness

by Moving Physical Objects With Your Intention

Sean_McNamara,_Telekinesis,_PRF,_Rick_NelsonSean McNamara

Author l Subtle Energy Researcher l Spiritual/Paranormal Educator l Realtor

Becoming aware of your innate supernatural abilities in a way that changes not only your perception but also through personal physical confirmation is quite a task. Erasing any doubt that the process is valid is even more impressive…but you can do it!  Obviously it’s not about the need to move something…it’s about discovering your personal ability to master a connection with the invisible unified field energies and direct outcomes through your intention.  After this discovery your potential is unlimited…

Sean McNamara spent his childhood growing up in Asia and Latin America, and was exposed to a variety of cultures and forms of spirituality. Early incidents of illness and surgery brought on a persistent fear of death and a yearning to know what happens afterward. In his twenties, Sean became a Buddhist practitioner, using meditation to investigate the nature of consciousness and reality. Because many traditions eventually become rigid and limiting Sean took his own personal journey of exploration and discovery.

Energy, hands, human, power, healing, strength,_PRF,_Rick NelsonHe found lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences to be especially persuasive methods for his spiritual inquiry free of the dogmatic qualities found elsewhere. He eventually applied his knowledge of meditation to telekinesis (movement of physical objects through intention) to illustrate the themes of interconnectedness and intention to his meditation students. He currently teaches meditation, lucid dreaming, the out-of-body experience, andDefy_Your_Limits,_The_Telekinesis_Training_Method,_PRF,_Rick Nelson telekinesis in Denver, Colorado, with the purpose of showing others that spiritual growth is still possible as an independent, self-empowering, and revelatory path. He is married to Cierra McNamara, who founded Mayu Sanctuary, a non-religious meditation center in Denver. He is in the process of completing his second book at this time following Publication of Defy Your Limits“, The Telekinesis Training Method.

Being able to connect with, and direct, invisible subtle energy fields is a giant leap for man’s awareness of, and connection with, a much greater reality. His website Mind Possible is a doorway to experiencing these energies.

Sean_McNamara,_Telekinesis,_PRF_Rick NelsonHis curiosity, investigation, research, experiences and work have led Sean into an area of understanding that has changed his life in the largest of possible ways.

Other examples of tapping into these unique unfamiliar subtle energy fields also provide access to Psychic communication, Remote viewing, Astral travel, Prayer, Meditation, Dowsing, Prophecies, Past life exploration, Channeling, The afterlife, Crop circle communication, Bi-location, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, ESP and much more. These are not the focus of Sean’s work but definitely illustrate these focused human abilities.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s brilliant work documenting the effects of human intention on altering the physical molecular structure of water defied previous scientific beliefs and represents yet another recent physical demonstration of the power of humans accessing and directing subtle energies through focused intention. The discovery of this human ability is opening up a new realm of human reality that has the potential to change the world in a positive manner through our conscious intentionhuman spiritual energy,PRF,Paranormal_Research_Forum rather than responding to the multitude of unhealthy external self-serving sources that occupy our lives during all waking hours. Mastering your subtle energy access skills empowers you to influence your world and reality in unimaginable ways.

Man has moved through the stone age, bronze age, iron age, industrial age and is now deeply immersed in the technology age as we are just entering the “subtle energy age”. The previous periods were to show humanity how to create through external forces. Now is time for these training wheels to be put away as we begin discovering we have the ability to manifest through personal intention.

Join us again taking another giant step empowering your greater personal life experience through conscious awareness. Expand your expectations…expand your abilities…expand your personal world experience. Your thoughts, words and visualizations are creating your experience at all times…be very thoughtful!

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