Wed. Jan. 17, 2018 ~ The Journey into Death…AND BACK!…Detailed Accounts Reported from Beings on the Other Side

The Journey into Death…AND BACK!

…Detailed Accounts Reported from Beings on the Other Side

Lori Niell

Near Death Experiencer l Retired Nurse l Medical Intuitive l Medium

Most people have heard of experiences of Near Death Experiencers (commonly referred to as NDE’s). As more people come forward to share their experiences we are discovering many insightful aspects of this phenomenon while developing a clearer understanding of aspects of the inevitable death process all on this NDE_Near_Death_Experience_tunnelplanet will experience.  The remarkable information shared at this Jan. 17, 2018 gathering goes beyond the typical experiences reported.

Lori Niell has not only experienced this traumatic event but has died on three separate occasions while in the hospital before the age of 21. What is even more amazing are the vivid and extensive detailed memories of each of these events after leaving her physical body viewing those around her and her attempts to communicate. With each venture into the next reality it appeared to strengthen her abilities to see, be taught and know things not believed possible.  Her 30 years as a professional nurse had provided an abundance of additional experiences which have contributed to the level of refinement of these supernatural skills. The extent of her experiences and teachings while in this death state allows insights far beyond most experiencers.

NDE, Near Death Experience, flatline, death, no heartbeat, PRFOn the occasions Lori’s consciousness had left her physical body she then moved through two stages which spirit,death, ascension NDE.PRF,Rink Nelson,Paranormal Research Forumshe will cover. After viewing her earthly experience currently taking place still in this altered non-physical levitated state she then experienced years of interaction with other beings in this death arena. It’s likely you’ve never heard about much of the information that will be shared by her at the meeting in such detail.

While interacting with entities from beyond she had so many questions in this in-between state and she was shown and taught a number of valuable insightful lessons regarding topics such as reincarnation. Her invaluable experiences she shares should prove quite helpful in how you view the rest of your life and the choices you make.  On our journey looking for answers to the most important questions of humankind these glimpses help provide some of the clearer and more complete understandings as to who we are, why we’re here and what happens next.


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