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UFOsIn recent years hundreds of individuals that have secretly worked on covert government and military programs have come forward openly discussing the details of their involvement and experiences with UFOs and highly intelligent extraterrestrial life forms.

These individuals are highly credible “insiders” risking their professional reputations, government/military pensions, social standing in their communities, family member ridicule and in some cases their lives to come forward and openly share this most highly classified information.  The witnesses include military base commanders, generals, astronauts, retired government intelligence agents, NASA employees, government contractors and other trustworthy individuals willing to risk everything to tell the truth about this most important of government cover-ups.  Much of their testimony can be found on the Disclosure Project developed by Dr. Steven Greer.

This is no longer a matter of “do you think that little thing in the sky is a real UFO?”…it represents the greatest discovery of mankind throughout all human history.  All the collective shocking headlines and stories in all the world’s newspapers since their existence pale in comparison to the ramifications of this single reality.  No matter what we consider to be the biggest issues of the day to concern ourselves with they would all be viewed in a dramatically different light with awareness of intelligent races occupying the Milky Way and other galaxies.  The technologies they hold could easily address and resolve all matters we concern ourselves with.  That is with the exception of human responsibility and accountability.

The Disclosure ProjectInformation about the existence of UFOs has been announced by many nations and governments in the past few years. The UFO phenomena moved to the forefront of cultural interest through the mid 1950’s.  At that time an extensive government campaign had been launched to aggressively deny and disseminate disinformation ridiculing the existence of UFOs.  A series of disinformation projects has been quite effective for over half a century.  The media has dismissively ridiculed anyone providing credible documentation and confirmation whenever individuals have stepped forward to tell the truth.  Newscasters feel obliged to make cynical jokes or snide comments suggesting they are some kind of expert needing to set public opinion on a subject they have absolutely no knowledge of on any level.

Today, primarily through the Internet and the proliferation of digital cameras and video cameras around the world this information is being shared for everyone to see.  Anyone interested in knowing the truth about the UFO/extraterrestrial matters are now getting access through many Internet organizations.  It is not likely the US Government and the mainstream news media’s motivations will change regarding their cover-up, misdirection and disinformation programs. They will soon be forced to change their cover story that UFOs aren’t real because the grand lie can no longer be hidden from the world.  It will serve everyone well to be very cautious about any new “official disclosures” on these matters.

Since the year 2000 several large international cities have had spectacular UFO sightings by extremely large groups of individuals.  These events were well documented with multiple individuals with video cameras covering the same event from different locations.  Despite this indisputable documentation on this most important of subjects altering all human perception the news media may, at best, show a brief portion of only one short video clip (out of several available to them) plus some sound bite from a shocked witness.  The newscaster may make a personal dismissive comment or joke about it then move on to some mundane story attempting to make it sound fascinating and never returning to that amazing mass UFO sighting event at that time or in the future.  Its as if people expect the commercial  news media to identify our values and let us know what we should be interested or concern ourselves with.  Perhaps the real shocking story is that we tolerate such gross incompetence and mindlessly go about our routine and fill our lives with some team winning a sport or some over-dramatic  celebrity gossip.  It’s time to set our own priorities and no longer tollerate ignorance or abuse of the truth on this critical matter.

Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance ~ Albert Einstein ~
In March 2008 The Google search engine identifies 51,400,000 websites about, or referencing UFOs. The fact that over fifty million websites and a rapidly increasing number of nations are addressing the matter can not be ignored. In January 2007 the Denver TV Guide had 161 programs in a week that covered various paranormal phenomena (primarily UFOs and extraterrestrial beings). Interestingly, one third of those programs were for children. Once anyone looking for credible information on the UFO matter has confirmed the UFO existence to their satisfaction the next step is to question who they are, where do they come from, why are they here and what do they want with us? Websites listed below may offer a good starting point. This topic is far more complex and difficult to confirm by most standards people are used to accepting. What little information is available through the government, military and mainstream commercial news media is at best inaccurate, incomplete and misdirecting.

If you still have doubts about the existence of UFOs it is apparent you have done little, if any, personal research on the matter. 

UFO Unidentified Flying ObjectsNumerous organizations worldwide are forming to address this matter from an intelligent approach and perspective. Conferences are now being held around the world on this subject to identify and present best cases and information for those wanting to discover what this phenomena represents. The following web information resources and sighting tips can be invaluable as an intelligent introduction to the understanding the UFO phenomena.



  • The Disclosure Project Over 400 military, government & government contractor personnel present their interaction and firsthand knowledge of Unidentified Flying Craft (UFOs) and Extraterrestrial Beings
  • Colorado Annual UFO Trip
  • UFO Reports OUTSTANDING! The most comprehensive local and International reporting system.  Developed in 2012 this database includes NUFORC, MUFON and additional sightings easily searchable by location, timeframes and more.
  • UFO Think Tank
  • UFO Reports 1 Comprehensive user friendly database of UFO sighting reports in the United States (NUFORC- National UFO Reporting Center)
  • UFO Encyclopedia Definitions of words commonly used in in the study of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings
  • Who’s Who in UFOlogy A list and brief overview of major contributors to the greater understanding of UFOs
  • UFOs in Earth’s History About.com covers significant events throughout man’s history on earth with photos
  • UFO News
  • UFO Research Center for UFO Studies- International group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon.
  • UFOs in Historic Art
  • Historic artwork throughout man’s existence depicting UFOs (this phenomena seems to have been hidden in plain sight)

What to do if you see a UFO

By TCPalm Staff Originally published 12:00 p.m., July 23, 2008 Updated 04:28 p.m., July 22, 2008 The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, has compiled guidelines for witnesses to report UFO sightings.

  1. Remain calm. But protect yourself from any hazards, real or perceived. Be prepared to take evasive action to get out of the object’s way.
  2. Be objective. Not every UFO is extraterrestrial; eliminate other possibilities first. Only after that should you consider that what you saw might be a true UFO.
  3. Use a camcorder or camera to record the event. Try to keep reference points in the field of view, as this will aid in analyzing the film. If you do not have a recording device, then draw pictures of what you saw.
  4. Tape your tale. If you have a tape recorder, record your description of the event as it happens. Include reference points. If you don’t have a tape recorder, write down your observations immediately.
  5. Get other witness observations. Ask other witnesses to write or record their observations, but do not discuss the event with them until after your observations have been recorded.
  6. Leave the area alone. If the UFO left some trace of its presence, do not disturb the area around it and restrict access to the site. Photograph the area around the site before you enter, and note the exact position of everything. Take close-up photos or video of the evidence before touching it.
  7. Gauge the size. If the sighting is from a distance, at an arm’s length, what would it take to cover the object? A quarter? A penny? A dime?
  8. Gauge the distance. Try to judge the distance from you to the object, the object’s altitude and its speed. Was it across the street or was it over the next field? Was it treetop level or a few hundred feet up? Did it cross the sky in five seconds or five minutes?
  9. Record any encounter. Should you encounter some type extraterrestrial being associated with the craft, be prepared to protect yourself. From a safe distance, in a concealed position, photograph or videotape the being. If you are unable to safely get photos of the being, draw and write down a description as soon as it is safe to do so.
  10. Report your experience. Immediately report the event to a UFO research origination for documentation or investigation.

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