UFO Witness Interviews- Hartsel, Colorado

Hartsel, Coloado UFO Investigation/Witness Interviews May 12, 2007

Susie Jones of the South Park Mercantile in Hartsel, CO was contacted to determine the validity of multiple UFO sightings from this small, remote community 20 minutes south of Fairplay.

After realizing there have been numerous UFO reports from this isolated spot spanning about 20 years an Investigative Group comprised of seasoned paranormal researchers and investigators from various organizations scheduled a Saturday afternoon in May, 2007 to conduct video interviews of a few witnesses Susie Jones lined up to meet at the Mercantile.

During the course of interviewing several scheduled eyewitnesses many customers, dropping in to make purchases, discovering what the video taping was about were excited to share what they have been watching in the local skies for years.[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]It became apparent there were more than enough credible witnesses confirming there was unexplainable activity in the crystal clear skies southeast of the Hartsel area to indicate something of a high strangeness nature was taking place on a near weekly basis.[/blockquote] The activity is so frequent it has become part of the local social landscape and appears to be accepted as “normal” for the area.

These reports are typically seen in an area about 60 miles E/S/E (east southeast) of the town both day and night darting back and forth across the sky at exceptionally fast speeds. The local activity has been such an accepted phenomena residents in the area have named the craft “Little Buddy”. The South Park Mercantile has even started carrying T-Shirts, hats and other articles with “Little Buddy”. Also on the lighter (non-serious) side it’s no surprise the animated characters in the Television Cartoon Series “South Park” are constantly referencing UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings. The creators of the cartoon series grew up in the South Park area and have incorporated.

Hartsel Suzie JonesAs twilight set in the investigative team set up their tripods, video cameras and other documentary equipment and focused their attention in the direction of most reported activity. After several hours monitoring the night skies in the surreal desolation of the remote area seeing only satellites and shooting stars the equipment was packed up for a quiet and thoughtful early morning drive east to the Denver/ Colorado Springs areas. Reflecting on the large number of spontaneous witnesses, during the quiet drive home, it obvious there is something fascinating taking place in the area that is worthy of further investigation and understanding.

If you’re in the area stop by the South Park Mercantile and say hello to Suzie Jones and hear about the most recent high strangeness for yourself.  Better yet keep your eyes on the skies and get possibly get your own sighting to share.

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