The Universe

Within any given moment at every scale in the universe and nature  the following is taking place:

Converging, Pulsating, Transmitting, Encoding, Organizing, Clustering, Dividing, Repelling, Unifying, Encrypting, Modifying, Heaving, Surging, Creating, Imploding, Drifting, Matrixing, Expelling, Learning, Synchronizing, Resonating, Consolidating, Structuring, Spiraling, Expanding, Growing, Churning, Twisting, Spinning, Undulating, Exciting, Swirling, Assembling, Bursting, Translating, Decoding, Connecting, Amassing, Layering, Directing, Transferring, Blending, Shaping, Rotating, Gathering, Morphing, Vibrating, Engaging, Birthing, Magnetizing, Receiving, Driving, Evolving, Radiating, Interacting, Emitting, Bending, Transcending, Involving, Flowing, Uniting, Intensifying, Diffusing, Receding, Grouping, Splitting, Bi-locating, Programming, Experiencing, Reflecting, Combining, Separating, Expressing, Measuring, Incorporating, Influencing, Reacting, Encapsulating, Seeding, Observing, Regressing, Torquing, Breathing, Networking, Replicating, Exploding, Contracting, Steering, Shrinking, Processing, Manifesting, Diverging, Responding, Embodying, Neutralizing, Liquefying, Wandering, Converting, Scrambling, Indoctrinating, Forming, Instructing, Compelling, Inserting, Allocating, Bundling, Assessing, Generating, Inducing, Scrambling, Establishing, Sharing, Merging, Amplifying, Isolating, Amending, Completing, Opening, Closing, Introducing, Terminating, Coordinating, Adjusting, Matching, Associating, Linking, Constructing, Reducing, Increasing, Strengthening, Diminishing, Formatting, Gathering, Magnifying, Employing, Escalating, Agitating, Revolving, Rippling, Attaching, Repairing, Gestating, Archiving, Relating, Filtering, Clarifying, Guiding, Controlling, Governing, Quantifying, Concluding, Fusing, Purifying, Revising, Augmenting, Discovering, Accelerating, Adapting, Regulating, Calculating, Gyrating, Recording, Harmonizing, Configuring, Altering, Retaining, Sifting, Governing, Transporting, Assigning, Reassigning, Modeling, Collecting, Transforming, Distorting, Producing, Congregating, Mutating, Delivering, Discharging, Correlating, Emanating, Flexing, Weaving, Accumulating and much more.

The Universe”…a complex reality so grand and sophisticated at every scale human intellect can never comprehend...Rick Nelson

If you have read the entire list of descriptors above you realize this lengthy and complex statement is true.  If you’re like most people and didn’t read the entire statement it’s a practical example of how we are programmed to want to understand the world in sound bites and simple linear terms at a glance by scanning.  The universe is very alive and rife with intelligent life.  We can no longer use oversimplistic methods to learn more about reality in any area of our lives.

As we move forward it is important to remember to be impressed with knowledge but pursue wisdom.  Wisdom is knowing how, when, where and why to use knowledge…Rick Nelson
Even if an individual is brilliant enough to discover several of these characteristics mentioned above about any specific item they are researching that is all they are capable of grasping based on  limited human perceptions and perameters of our contemporary science.  It is impossible for any human intellect to begin understanding reality at any scale because of it’s brilliantly sophisticated components and dynamics.

In December 2010 Yale University publicly announced they now believe there are approximately 300 sextillion (300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) stars in the universe.  The potential for great number of these stars (suns) to support planetary systems that could support intelligent life is astronomical…literally.  Every time we develop a more powerful telescope or piece of equipment we arrive at much larger numbers to define the size of our universe.  How could a person think for even a moment we could be the only ones in the universe…or for that matter one of the most intelligent.

Every indigenous culture has references to their origins being derived from star beings.  Religions also have off planet or heavenly being references addressing grander levels of awareness and understanding.

When you consider the grandeur of this expansive, highly dynamic sophisticated universe it is apparent we are not the highest level of intelligent life that exists.  From what many refer to as angelic and celestial realms to extraterrestrial realms we have much to discover and learn.  The faster shocking new scientific discoveries are unveiled the more obvious it becomes that many of our foundational beliefs have been seriously misunderstood ir incomplete at best.  The more we remove ourselves from the misconceived “box” institutions have attempted to force us to think within the more everything begins to make sense.  We begin filling the gap between contemporary science and spirituality and an emerging picture begins to resonate.


Once we begin to accept how deeply complex matters truly are it becomes important to consider what this means to us and how do we begin to frame and perceive things.  That’s the magic!  Realizing we aren’t as intellectually smart as we have been taught we are individually or collectively.  We continue to discover every aspect of the cosmos is bigger than we imagined and smaller than we ever imagined. 

It is likely there is no such thing as chaos, just a higher order of dynamics far beyond human intellectual comprehension…Rick Nelson
This is where we realize how important it is to tap into our intuitive awareness.  As an example, think of our intellect as a processing speed.  It functions at five miles an hour.  Nature or reality is taking place far beyond light speed.  All of our senses are transmitting and receiving at all times

There is something within us that is aware, or tapped into everything that “is”.  That may be difficult for your mind to accept but then again, that is the limitation of the human intellect.  What we to be consider miracles are perhaps inate human powers of intention or prayer being manifested.  It’s not magic, just a more sophisticated order of the invisible unuverse being tapped into.

Scientists are just begining to discover what they had labeled as the void (which is the supermajority of everything at every scale as we define it) appears to be the most dynamic and powerful forces in the universe.  It is just invisible and has to date been beyond our scientific means to recognize, quantify and understand.  This invisible subtle energy world is just starting to show itself and change most of our concepts about how and why everything works.  It seems to suggets that most all our scientific concepts and models are misunderstood, incorrect or incomplete.

There is a large gap between science and spirituality.  Supernatural or paranormal events give us clues to bridge that gap…Rick Nelson
In this age of an overwhelming amount of information available to us through the Internet it is important to consider every answer we seek is available to us there.  If we aren’t getting the answers we’re looking for or want better answers it’s critical to ask better questions. 

Albert Einstein died more than 50 years ago but left us with one of his most powerful observations…”It has become appaulingly clear our technology has outpaced our humanity”.  He made this comment in the early 1950s.  What would his thoughts of our culture possibly be today?  Technology has been advancing so fast in so many arenas no one has had the ability the thoughtfully consider the complex ramifications at every scale and over a period of time especially with the effects of all the other fast moving advancements.  It’s unfortunate but nearly all these research projects are driven by money.  They are funded by money, decisions are filterd by money and most objectives or ulterior motives are economic profit margins.    Most real decisions are not made by visionaries anymore but by accountants, marketing strategists and attorneys.

Developing our intuitive insights and developing wisdom is our healthiest objective at this juncture.  It is necessary to identify and hold our course in this sea of appearing chaos.

You’re invited to set course on your own personal journey of discovery using a healthy sense of curiosity, wonderment and intuitive discernment investigating of the unfamiliar and unknown at the Paranormal Research Forum.

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