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Brannon Osborne, Stacie Gammel & Steve Hart ” Talking With the Dead “

Stacie Gammel, Brannon Osborne and Steve Hart of ParaFPI present a great introduction to verbal interaction with those from “the other side”. In recent years more efforts have been made to investigate, document and understand the realities associated with human spirits (ghosts) that have passed on. The technologies being used for these purposes have been laying the foundation for new scientific understanding. Although these techniques are not refined to the point of commercial marketing they are occasionally providing the necessary compelling evidence to confirm the presence of intelligent communication beyond our current conventional belief systems. ParaFPI and it’s members have

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Stacie Gammel “Ghosts in Your Life”

Stacie Gammel is a “sensitive” that has been “seeing dead people” since birth. At age 19 she became absorbed in learning more about this phenomenon to find out why she was a little different. For 14 years she has been conducting investigations and joined Para-FPI, a ghost investigation group, in 2002. She has recently been featured as one of the top 5 paranormal women in the nation by TAPS Paramagazine from the hit TV series “Ghost Hunters”. She has been successful in her contributions working with law enforcement agencies. Sharing her techniques to acknowledge the presence of, identity of and

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ParaFPI “Ghost Investigation Team”

ParaFPI is a Colorado based 16 member organization that have conducted hundreds of in-depth investigations on ghost reports in Colorado. The balanced and comprehensive approach taken by ParaFPI has given them a great deal of respect from the ghost investigation community. Their three representatives will be covering procedures, protocols and methodology for investigations as well as equipment used and haunted Colorado locations including some of their most fascinating experiences.. Brannon Osborne Their organization has been operating since the mid 1990s and has an extensive list of investigations they’ve conducted listed on their website. They will help answer questions you might

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