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May 17, 2017…”Animal Spirit Guides”…The Shamanic Understanding

May 17, 2017..."Animal Spirit Guides"...The Shamanic Understanding

“Animal Spirit Guides” The Shamanic Understanding Dr. Steven Farmer Psychotherapist I Shamanic Practitioner I Author I Hypnotherapist I Teacher I Reiki Master Discovering Your Animal Spirit Guide Dr. Steven Farmer is a world-renowned author, teacher, retired psychotherapist, former college professor, shamanic practitioner, Soul Healer and hypnotherapist. He has published several best-selling books. Seven of the nine books shown below are currently available on Amazon Books online and have an impressive average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with 650 reviews. He has also produced numerous other therapeutic healing books, CD, children’s books and cards as an introduction to animal

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PRF Sept. 19, 2012 ~ “Entering The Next Human Era”…a powerful insight from the ancients

PRF Sept. 19, 2012 ~ “Entering The Next Human Era”...a powerful insight from the ancients

A little over a year ago, Native American Chief and lakota Sioux Elder, Dr. A. C. Ross, had heart stopping event where he found himself on the other side of the veil of life as we know it. While in this very different place he was met by a very powerful Native American spirit that gave him a mission to return to this place on earth and tell others of an extremely significant event that is about to happen to us and our world

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Mike and Susan Van Atta “Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing”

Mike VanAtta is Fonder and Chairman of the Remote Viewing Club of Denver founded in 2002.. The 35 Club members hold monthly meetings to conduct their personal work and assist others with their requests. Since 1996 he has been utilizing Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing for a myriad of purposes with an emphasis on remote healing. He has been refining his skills and techniques for years developing it into the highly effective methods of instruction he teaches today. An overview including history, applications, instruction and practical demonstration of these processes will be covered in his presentation at the Forum. Shaman, prophets,

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