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PRF Mar. 15, 2017…”Exploring the Multiverse”…Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

PRF Mar. 15, 2017..."Exploring the Multiverse"...Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

Regardless of your interest or curiosity in any of these esoteric topics, it is expected that you will gain a deeper awareness of the concepts and dynamics surrounding them, by the end of the presentation.

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July 20 Denver Forum “Intuitive Intelligence”

Dominique Surel, Ph.D is an internationally recognized authority on developing intuitive skills and abilities as well as refining one’s analytical expertise.

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June 15 Denver Forum “UFO Trends & Update”

Thanks to MUFON and many other reputable organizations and individuals worldwide the general populace is becoming aware these craft have been reported for thousands of years and are now being sighted by large numbers of witnesses worldwide.

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Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is not a recent concept. It has existed since cultures were formed and leadership within them evolved.  Spiritual leaders of all cultures around the world led their people based on visions and prophecies.  These visions were identified by their designated spiritual person or the writings and records of these individuals.  Putting themselves to varying levels of meditative states gave them access to realities beyond the current time and space they were experiencing.  These states were accessed through various means including meditative ceremonies, deprivation, ingestion of plants and drugs and other methodologies typically known only to these spiritual leaders.  These

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Claude Swanson Ph.D. “ Scientific Proof of the Supernatural “

Dr. Claude Swanson, a physicist educated at Princeton and M.I.T., has spent his life observing subtle themes in nature and unexplainable events and human experiences that appear to be a powerful and undeniable natural force. Conducting his own experiments and research he identified a tremendous amount of amazing scientific experiments conducted throughout history that have not been given the recognition warranted. Dr. Swanson has spent 7 years gathering 1,500 the best recent and historic scientific experiments and scientific papers confirming the presence of subtle energies during the course of alternative healing sessions, psychic work, remote viewing and other activities typically

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Mike and Susan Van Atta “Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing”

Mike VanAtta is Fonder and Chairman of the Remote Viewing Club of Denver founded in 2002.. The 35 Club members hold monthly meetings to conduct their personal work and assist others with their requests. Since 1996 he has been utilizing Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing for a myriad of purposes with an emphasis on remote healing. He has been refining his skills and techniques for years developing it into the highly effective methods of instruction he teaches today. An overview including history, applications, instruction and practical demonstration of these processes will be covered in his presentation at the Forum. Shaman, prophets,

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