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Wed. Nov. 15, 2017…”TELEKINESIS”…Mastering Consciousness by Moving Physical Objects Through Intention

Wed. Nov. 15, 2017..."TELEKINESIS"...Mastering Consciousness by Moving Physical Objects Through Intention

Human intention and subtle energy access overcoming physical laws as defined by contemporary scientific beliefs.

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Dimensions, Realms, Worlds & Realities…Viewed From a More Realistic Perspective

Dimensions, Realms, Worlds & Realities...Viewed From a More Realistic Perspective

Each of these dimensions, realms, worlds and realities exhibit their own individually unique scientific foundation, different than our own, making it very difficult to comprehend and explain through contemporary beliefs.

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PRF Oct. 26, 2016…“DISCOVERING NEW ENERGY WORLDS Course 101″…The New Discoveries of Science & Medicine Subtle Energy Sources

PRF Oct. 26, 2016...“DISCOVERING NEW ENERGY WORLDS Course 101"...The New Discoveries of Science & Medicine Subtle Energy Sources

Mark will be giving a layman’s perspective of this new world of viewing energy for healing and power sources anticipating you will be able to leave the presentation with a more comprehensive and detailed picture allowing you to make more intelligent and informed decisions in your personal life regarding this new era we’re entering.

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September 21st Denver Forum – “Seeing the Invisible Language of the Universe”

The invisible communication mechanisms of the non-physical reality are now being revealed: A new basis in science is being discovered. Everything that exists has a vibrational energy or life force.  All that happens is driven by a highly sophisticated invisible matrix of vibrational frequencies.  Jeff Volk, discusses the science of cymatics, which is one of the the Invisible Languages of the Universe. We are just beginning to discover amazing facts about how every living thing functions and communicates.  This exists in fields invisible to the human senses and happens at every level.  Their subtle energy forms and patterns can be visually

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June 15 Denver Forum “UFO Trends & Update”

Thanks to MUFON and many other reputable organizations and individuals worldwide the general populace is becoming aware these craft have been reported for thousands of years and are now being sighted by large numbers of witnesses worldwide.

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Time & Time Travel

Time Travel – Quantum physicists are now beginning to comprehend time in a new framework more aligned with some of Albert Einstein’s theories.

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Will Arntz “A New View of Humanity “

Will Arntz “ A New View of Humanity ” Creator, producer and co-producer of the documentary film “What the Bleep do We Know” Will Arntz is a visionary and his internationally acclaimed work has influenced many world cultural views viewing the world on new terms bridging quantum physics and spirituality. His record setting 2004 documentary film “What the Bleep Do We Know” is one of the most successful documentary films of all times and has been distributed in over 30 countries. His work provides the basis for the connection of all that exists at a cosmic cellular level seeing human

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Penney Peirce “Human Frequencies & Dreams”

Penney Peirce helps understand the interconnectedness of the dimensions of self, or reality, and how dreams are simply the way we create and materialize our life. We’ll explore subconscious and superconscious reality, the dream zones, synchronicity, déjà vu, and waking dreams and omens. Her presentation gives you tools for becoming more aware of who you are at a deeper level of awareness than you’ve ever experienced before. Penney travels widely, working throughout the US, Japan, South Africa, and Europe as an advisor to business executives, scientists, psychologists, other consultants and trainers, and those on a spiritual path. She has counseled

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