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Dimensions, Realms, Worlds & Realities…Viewed From a More Realistic Perspective

Dimensions, Realms, Worlds & Realities...Viewed From a More Realistic Perspective

Each of these dimensions, realms, worlds and realities exhibit their own individually unique scientific foundation, different than our own, making it very difficult to comprehend and explain through contemporary beliefs.

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November 16th Denver Forum – “Sacred Symbols, Ceremonies & Places” The Secret Codes of the Universe

The Secret Codes of the Universe – The invisible encoded language embedded in our human landscape. Shapes within natural patterns and other unique characteristics including colors, scents and sounds became significant expressions conveying powerful messages.

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October 19th Denver Forum – “New Advanced Sciences” From Supernatural Encounters in Central America”

An Entirely New Understanding of Science and Medicine from a Highly Unique Source in Remote Central America Intuitively being aware he was a healer from a very young age Dr. Jayson C. Cannon has studied the science and healing methods of Chinese, Maya, Tibetan, Hindu, Native American and other cultures extensively.  To most thoroughly understand these teachings he devoted thousands of hours acquiring numerous degrees and certifications in multi-cultural healing techniques.  He is one of the few individuals in the United States having ever received a Homeopathic MD designation (accredited by the State of California) His international and intercultural medical/healer

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Mike and Susan Van Atta “Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing”

Mike VanAtta is Fonder and Chairman of the Remote Viewing Club of Denver founded in 2002.. The 35 Club members hold monthly meetings to conduct their personal work and assist others with their requests. Since 1996 he has been utilizing Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing for a myriad of purposes with an emphasis on remote healing. He has been refining his skills and techniques for years developing it into the highly effective methods of instruction he teaches today. An overview including history, applications, instruction and practical demonstration of these processes will be covered in his presentation at the Forum. Shaman, prophets,

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