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June 19, 2013 – “Discovering the Mysterious & Magical Powers of Water”

June 19, 2013 - "Discovering the Mysterious & Magical Powers of Water"

Glen Rein, Ph.D has conducted research and extensive investigations into bio-electromagnetic fields with fascinating results. His research along with that of Dr. Emoto and others open an entirely new arena related to the potential of water specifically as it relates to the ability for humans to alter the properties of water through subtle energy methodologies as simple as human intentions.

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July 20 Denver Forum “Intuitive Intelligence”

Dominique Surel, Ph.D is an internationally recognized authority on developing intuitive skills and abilities as well as refining one’s analytical expertise.

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Daniel S. Ward, Ph.D ” Sacred Geometry & Spirituality”

Geometric patterns are being recognized by leading scientists and researchers as a design of life forces that make up all living and inanimate objects in the universe at every scale.  This intricate sophisticated web appears to represent a design essence in possibly all that exists.  The significance of the mathematical ratios in these designs perhaps has powerful energies and abilities beyond our comprehension.  These structures referred to as “sacred geometry” are being found in a wide range of phenomena from atomic physical structures and our DNA to planetary orbits and cosmic events.  Our emerging scientific observations are beginning to show

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Daniel S. Ward, PhD “Sacred Geometry”

Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics and Bachelor of Engineering Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Author of over 150 technical and semi-technical articles in a variety of scientific journals, magazines and conference proceedings, he has been conducting research in a wide diversity of scientific disciplines and esoteric subjects for over three decades. His presentation covered the relationship between connective physics and sacred geometry.  Viewing ancient understandings with contemporary science allows us to bridge compartmentalized worlds for a much greater comprehension of the dynamic universe we live in. His lighthearted humor and uncomplicated style makes the subject

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