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PRF Sept. 19, 2012 ~ “Entering The Next Human Era”…a powerful insight from the ancients

PRF Sept. 19, 2012 ~ “Entering The Next Human Era”...a powerful insight from the ancients

A little over a year ago, Native American Chief and lakota Sioux Elder, Dr. A. C. Ross, had heart stopping event where he found himself on the other side of the veil of life as we know it. While in this very different place he was met by a very powerful Native American spirit that gave him a mission to return to this place on earth and tell others of an extremely significant event that is about to happen to us and our world

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November 16th Denver Forum – “Sacred Symbols, Ceremonies & Places” The Secret Codes of the Universe

The Secret Codes of the Universe – The invisible encoded language embedded in our human landscape. Shapes within natural patterns and other unique characteristics including colors, scents and sounds became significant expressions conveying powerful messages.

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October 19th Denver Forum – “New Advanced Sciences” From Supernatural Encounters in Central America”

An Entirely New Understanding of Science and Medicine from a Highly Unique Source in Remote Central America Intuitively being aware he was a healer from a very young age Dr. Jayson C. Cannon has studied the science and healing methods of Chinese, Maya, Tibetan, Hindu, Native American and other cultures extensively.  To most thoroughly understand these teachings he devoted thousands of hours acquiring numerous degrees and certifications in multi-cultural healing techniques.  He is one of the few individuals in the United States having ever received a Homeopathic MD designation (accredited by the State of California) His international and intercultural medical/healer

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Dr. A.C. Ross aka Ehanamani (Walks Among) “Our Star Origins”

Dr. A.C. Ross is an elder of the Lakota Sioux Tribe and author of five books on Native American Culture.  He has served Sundance Chief at Sundance Ceremonies, a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder and honored speaker in the United States, Europe and Japan. He is a wealth of information from an indigenous understanding.  He will address the star origins of the human race that have been placed on this planet, our purpose, our relationships and connections.  His teachings expand beyond his personal Dakota/Lakota heritage to cover multiple tribal beliefs and ceremonies.  This authoritative presentation will likely provide

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