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Mark Macy “Inter-Dimensional Intelligence Confirmation”

Very strange and unexplainable activity has been occurring for some time with various electronic communication devices such as television sets, radios, Polaroid cameras and computers in different countries around the world. Intelligent communication is increasingly being transmitted through this technology which appears to be from other dimensions or realities we’re not familiar with. Most individuals tend to rationalize or dismiss any such bizarre events and go about their busy demanding routines. Mark Macy did not ignore his first experience but had one of those “what if” moments that began years of extensive research into these matters that has turned out

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Mark Macy “Afterlife Connections”

Mark Macy has more than 15 years of experience experimenting and researching methods of communicating with, and documenting, interactions with non-physical beings that have passed beyond the human experience.  His technological methods include use of television and radio waves in addition to photographic methods.  The photos taken by Mark provide physical proof of the existence of life after death. Mark founded the International Network for Instrumental Trans-communication (INIT) in England in 1995, along with a dozen other researchers from eight countries.  His new book “Spirit Faces” Truth about the Afterlife is a visionary book about life after death based on

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Mark Macy “White Noise”

Mark Macy, author and researcher for over 20 years has conducted in-depth investigations into Electronic Voice Phenomenon “EVP” commonly known as “White Noise”. Mark and his team members worldwide have documented some of the most fascinating evidence ever presented. Seeing his presentation helps one peer through the thin veil that divides this and the next world. Innovative use of radio and television technologies are providing amazing and indisputable insights. Whatever one’s personal interpretation is is evident the next world truly exists

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