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PRF April 19, 2017…”Intuitive Development” ~ The Next Scientific Leap in Human Understanding

PRF April 19, 2017..."Intuitive Development" ~ The Next Scientific Leap in Human Understanding

“Scientific research has made a shocking discovery that the heart’s energy systems including electromagnetic and other communication energy impulses dwarf those in the brain”

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PRF Mar. 15, 2017…”Exploring the Multiverse”…Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

PRF Mar. 15, 2017..."Exploring the Multiverse"...Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

Regardless of your interest or curiosity in any of these esoteric topics, it is expected that you will gain a deeper awareness of the concepts and dynamics surrounding them, by the end of the presentation.

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Mike and Susan Van Atta “Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing”

Mike VanAtta is Fonder and Chairman of the Remote Viewing Club of Denver founded in 2002.. The 35 Club members hold monthly meetings to conduct their personal work and assist others with their requests. Since 1996 he has been utilizing Astral Travel/ Remote Viewing for a myriad of purposes with an emphasis on remote healing. He has been refining his skills and techniques for years developing it into the highly effective methods of instruction he teaches today. An overview including history, applications, instruction and practical demonstration of these processes will be covered in his presentation at the Forum. Shaman, prophets,

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