Small humanoid figure may prove alien connection

 Yet another photo of a small humanoid figure has just surfaced.  This adds additional mystery to a shocking scientific discovery announced by Dr. Steven Greer earlier in 2013.

Nov. 1, 2013, I discovered this very compelling photo (below) of what appears to be a small being while conducting my research on the Internet.  Immediately I recognized this as being extremely similar to Dr. Steven Greer’s image of a small being he brought to public light earlier in 2013 referred to as the Atacama Humanoid (photos under “Atacama Being” title below)

Dr. Greer had the small_humamnoid_discovery_2013small humanoid object subjected to multiple forms of forensics testing under stringent scientific protocols by an advanced scientific team at Stanford University which confirmed the object to be an actual skeletal remain of a formerly living humanoid being unknown to mankind.

This newer figure was posted on the web by an individual identifying himself as an Iranian gentleman.  The cranium in the new photo (to right) is extended toward the rear of the head, has a flatter upper skull and missing the portion of the legs below the knees unlike Dr. Greer’s earlier specimen.  This photo of the new figure has been forwarded to Stanford University for photo analysis and comparison of similarities with the Atacama being.

Is it possible we’re now being introduced to a new race of beings here on earth?  Based on a high volume of postings of discoveries of new archeological structures, cultures and highly technologically advanced ancient technologies it appears ancient human history is changing much faster than institutions can process.  Since science is an extremely slow process at best and the information age is moving so much faster on a daily basis it is no longer possible for institutions to keep ahead of a learning curve by the same means they have historically used.  Millions of individuals around the world are now discovering and sharing information for all to review and consider by simply searching with good questions on about any topic and the information database is growing hourly.  At this moment in time each of us has access to more information from all over the world than institutions have the ability to look at let alone process.

Please feel free to share any similar discoveries you’ve come across so we can collectively introduce more information to more people interested in these matters in hopes of collectively discovering grander truths for the benefit of all humanity with respect for all living beings in all worlds.

A fascinating new world is unfolding before our eyes rewriting human history an extraordinarily fast pace.  Do your own research on any esoteric topic with a curious open mind, healthy discernment guided by your intuition and you’ll find you’re at the cutting edge of science and history.

Rick Nelson


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“Ata” (Atacama) is the skeletal remains of a 6-inch (150 mm) human found in a deserted town in the remote Atacama Desert region, Chile in 2003. It was found by Oscar Muñoz near an abandoned church in a ghost town called La Noria, 56 km to the interior of Iquique in northern Chile.  Atacama research link by the SIRUS/ Disclosure Project












Aleshenka was a small human fetus allegedly found in the village of Kaolinovy, near Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia in August 1996




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