Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is not a recent concept. It has existed since cultures were formed and leadership within them evolved.  Spiritual leaders of all cultures around the world led their people based on visions and prophecies.  These visions were identified by their designated spiritual person or the writings and records of these individuals.  Putting themselves to varying levels of meditative states gave them access to realities beyond the current time and space they were experiencing.  These states were accessed through various means including meditative ceremonies, deprivation, ingestion of plants and drugs and other methodologies typically known only to these spiritual leaders.  These processes have also been referred to as astral travel and other terms but the fundamentals remain the same.

In some cases severe head trauma, near death experiences and other personal traumatic events have appeared to place some individuals in a slightly altered state allowing them access to this and other psychic abilities.  This has been recognized as a fairly common phenomenon.  Perhaps the span of the cognitive human frequency has somehow been slightly altered due to these events.  It is now being realized by the scientific community we have seriously misinterpreted the concept of time and space.

As in most developed cultures the government leaders seeing the military potential develop programs to learn and apply these tools.  Since the 1960s both U.S. and Russia have developed and refined methods for individuals to observe documents and activities over great distances and according to many view past and future events with amazing results. These so-called “Remote Viewing” programs were officially abandoned by the Central Intelligence Agency but both instructors and trainees insist these covert operations continue in deeper covert operations to discourage individuals from discovering their personal inate potential. By entering into a deeply focused or meditative state the viewer follows protocols permitting them access to transcend both distance and time.

Certain individuals have confirmation of repeatedly using these techniques with extreme detail and accuracy. It is believed everyone has the capability of developing these skills….

Private organizations such as the Monroe Institute and dozens of others teach these procedures sometimes using the same government and military instructors that developed and taught these programs. Throughout man’s history shaman, spiritualists, yogis, prophets, seers, oracles and others appear to have used similar methods to access remote, past and future events. The process is similar to meditation, self hypnosis or other altered states (sometimes induced by certain drugs in ceremonial rituals especially by indigenous cultures). Research in these areas continues to uncover fascinating quantifiable results. Because results are not always consistent it is not adopted as conventional mainstream science.

Seers, prophets and spiritual leaders throughout man’s history in all cultures have accessed information and knowledge far beyond what could be known through conventional means. This technique is likely one of the methods that have used to access such information.

In the near future websites will be added to this page with instructions for developing this unique skill.

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