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Paul Hansen, PhD

Psychologist I Clinical Hypnotherapist I Theologian I  Past Life Researcher I Author I Pilot

After growing up in rural Kansas, Paul attended the University of Kansas, earning a BA degree in 1958. He received a Master of Divinity from Garret Theological School at Northwestern University in 1962, and a Ph.D. from Columbia Pacific University in 1985.

Reincarnation,_Past_Lives,_Past_Life,_SpiritualityHis professional career spanned 45 years, first as a minister in the Methodist Church, second as a management consultant in Organizational Development with clients in government, corrections and law enforcement, education, industry, social services and religious institutions. After a brief period as Director of Behavioral Science with a cardiac rehab clinic, he opened a psychotherapy practice in Denver and Longmont in 1982 and continued until he retired in 2005.

He spent seven years on the Board of Directors for the national Association for Past Life Research and Therapies. For four years he was Director of Training for that organization and wrote the training manual.  He worked with hundreds clients in Past Life therapy over his career.  He has explored over 30 of his own past lives and has found Past-Life-Experiences-Reincarnationwritten evidence (baptismal record) of one in 17th Century France and anecdotal evidence of others.  He used regression therapy to assist clients who had direct experiences with UFOs and ETs.  He has sighted UFOs himself.

He is a pilot, built his own airplane, still flies, and since his retirement, he now nurtures his love of aviation in his novels that are aviation thrillers with a theme of human interaction with ETs (Star People). He seeks to educate the public about the positive possibilities of interaction with the Star People.  His published fiction books include Sky Warriors, The General, Star Kids Missions and is currently completing his next book The Ambassador to be available this year.  His non-fiction book Survivors and Partners, Healing the Relationships of Sexual Abuse Survivors was published in 1991.


Reincarnation is an integral part of  many cultures and religions around the world. Past lives appears to be a valid phenomenon supported by thousands regression,_time_travelof hypnotherapy cases.  So many of these individual’s experiences have been well documented and details later confirmed as historical fact.  Consider the possibilities and potential if you knew more about your previous soul experiences.  That could easily explain those déjà vu moments, our seemingly unwarranted fears, our intuitive skills and abilities, our strong positive or negative feelings about individuals when first meeting them and perhaps most importantly what lessons we need to address or overcome to thrive and live a more vibrant and fulfilling life rather than perpetuating a struggle we’re not consciously aware of.

Reincarnation_Past Lives_SupernaturalIt’s possible, if not likely, the essence of who we truly are far transcends our human experience in this lifetime.  It appears practical our experience in this lifetime will dramatically affect our next experiences beyond our death in this time and place.  It would serve each of us well to be aware of our greater selves in order to be making our best decisions in this lifetime to seed a more desirable experience in the next realm whatever that may entail.  A few individuals have speculated, based on a very small number some individuals regression sessions recalling their non-terrestrial life experience, a grander more complex perception of reality which opens up a great deal of thought-provoking questions for curious souls.  This non-physical means of time-travel transcends conventional mainstream teachings however we are discovering most evolutionary leaps require going beyond the limiting boundaries of the contemporary institutional “box”.

Exposing yourself to discussion on this subject automatically stimulates subtle dormant awareness within us that can begin opening doors on a conscious level in many ways.  Your personal soul evolution is, in great part, up to your awareness and choices in this time and place.  Join us this Wednesday and make a difference in your life (and future lives).


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Presentation Script

Paul A. Hansen, PhD


Paranormal Research Forum Past Life Therapy & Reincarnation

  • Story: A little girl returns to Washington
  • Philosophical Assumptions
  • Where do the memories come from?
  • How do we access them?
  • How can we use Past Life Memories for personal and spiritual growth?



  • You can delay this question but never escape it!
  • Dr. Carl Jung, the famous analyst said. “I could well imagine that I might have lived in former centuries. My life as I lived it has often seemed to me like a story that has no beginning and no end.”
  • Once you have experience one of your own deaths and their aftermath, it will forever alter you attitude toward death (and perhaps your faith).
  • Dr. Eben Alexander, MD tells of his experiences.


Philosophic Assumptions in Past Life Recall

1.We have an innate drive or instinct toward wholeness, integration, and equilibrium.

2.The physical, spiritual, and emotional levels are often not in harmony or aligned with each other, and states of disequilibrium or disease are created.

3.Pain and disharmony focus our attention on the non-alignment aspects of our psyche, so that we are eventually forced to create a homeostatic balance, whether it is pathological or healthy. On a spiritual level, movement is toward karmic balance.

4.We are multi-leveled conscious beings with many levels of awareness, ego states, and past life scenarios actively at play at any given moment.


Where do Past Life Memories come from?

  • We don’t know for sure!
  • With a vast ocean of human experience, how or why do I come up with a particular one?
  • From our soul consciousness?
  • From our “mind field?”

–Rupert Sheldrake: (Physics: Energy fields cannot cease, only transmuted.) suggests a mind field that is the repository of such experience; information stored here, not in the brain; forms a continuity between one life and another, and information can be recovered while in an altered state.

  • Genetic code? DNA? Brain?

–Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk on Trauma


How do we access Past Life memory?

  • High sensory stimulation, e.g. resulting in déjà vu experiences.
  • Visiting places where you have lived in a past life.
  • Seeing persons whom you “recognize” (ie. their energy pattern). “I feel like I know you from somewhere.”
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Meditation: Usually limited to those who are long term meditators, like monks or ascetics
  • My first spontaneous past life recall*
  • Hypnosis, with guidance from the therapist


How can we use Past Life memories for personal and spiritual growth?

  • Introduce or reinforce a concept of your life (lives) as a spiritual journey.
  • Getting a bigger picture of your “self”
  • Enable you to become more intentional and confident with your spiritual path.
  • Build Confidence through encountering deceased relatives. Dialogue with them.
  • Willing to take the next step.


  • Know more of your purpose in this life time, and lessons you are trying to learn.
  • By going to your pre-entry or prenatal period and learning about your soul intention for this lifetime.
  • Dialogue with your spiritual guides about your direction and lessons
  • Understand why you chose the parents you did (release resentments and move toward forgiveness).
  • Resolve emotional complexes that may hold us back. (eg phobias)*
  • Effects of starving in a former life.
  • Effects of drowning, falling from cliff, etc.
  • Other published cases.  James Leininger


  • Enable healing of physical or health problems

–Eg. Holocaust related ailments

  • “Anna” a Russian Jewess at Auschwitz

–Incurable iritis or inflammation of eyes.

–Stacy: Nayoki of Nagasaki, Japan


Principles of Past Life Therapy

1.Past Life Therapy helps us to understand more profoundly the mind-body-spirit connection, and how we, as evolving souls, are responsible for creating our universe for our own spiritual growth.

2.The primary aim of Past Life Therapy is to help the individual to live a more integrated lifestyle, to live in the here and now, to realize his/her connectedness to the universe, and to participate in the creative process that gives meaning to each moment of awareness.

3.Past Life Therapy enables a therapist to help a client to explore deeper parts of the psyche. The process allows a client to understand his inner myth and the emotional matrix that unconsciously influences his physical and motivational system.

4.Because these life scripts, problems, and life style patterns are replicated on many developmental levels, we can approach the resolution of these patterns in many ways and at different levels, such as current life patterns, or the peri- or prenatal experience, or past life experiences.

5.Past life therapy’s primary concern is not only in the alleviation of symptoms, but also focuses on the dynamics and attitudes that support the systems. The mental, emotional, and physical levels often need to be examined for symptom relief.


Past Life Traumas

  • Some Traumas from Former Clients:

–Atom Bomb at Nagasaki

–Auschwitz Gas Chamber

–Burned as a witch, Eyes poked out with burning sticks.

–Drowning, Falling, etc.

–Cancers that resulted in death.

  • My Own Traumas: Starved, Beheaded, Suffocated, Stabbed, Abandoned, Shot


Past Life Traumas

  • The Trauma of disappearing in the Atomic Bomb blast at Nagasaki for Nayoki
  • Soul Confusion…Where am I? Where do I belong?


Anna dying in the Auschwitz Gas Chamber


  • Trauma of dying in the Gas Chamber at Auschwitz left a throat constriction problem for “Anna”

Auschwitz Long term Iritis

James Houston James w/ Houston’s sister Ann James Leininger


How Past Life Therapy Can Help


  • Our Physical and health problems

–Post Accident Trauma Release

–Use P.A.T.R. to release the effects of trauma from past lives.

–Saying goodbye to those lives and bodies

  • Building on Positive Strengths from Past Lives (Public speaking, positive relationships, freedom to love and be loved.)
  • Our Spiritual Growth and Journey

Physical and Health Issues

  • Head Traumas sometimes result in a pattern of Migraines.
  • Problem of Iritis- Burned as a Witch: From Eyes put out with burning sticks. We released that trauma.
  • Traumas associated with Childbirth. Before modern medicine, many women died in childbirth
  • Trauma during an abortion.
  • “I will never . . . “ complexes. Vows at death. Last thoughts. Guilt, fear, anxiety, etc.

Utilizing Positive Strengths & Skills from Past Lives

Public Speaking

Leadership – Handing Power

Could be a Liability too!

Building Positive Relationships

  • Reviewing your Relationship History

Learning to love and be loved

 Confidence in taking care of oneself

  • “What did you learn from this life?”

 “I will Never . . .” Eliminate Complexes; End of life vows.

Guidance On Our Spiritual Journey

  • Seeing the larger picture. Many lifetimes, many lessons.
  • Choosing the lifetime/situation/parents, etc. to continue the learning and journey
  • Becoming more consciously aware of the Source, God, other spirits; a connection to the Source, the LIGHT.
  • Story: A nurse having to confess her faith
  • When she joined an evangelical church, found it hard to witness. When she was called upon to “witness” to her faith, developed allergy to her cats, which she’d had for years and had not been allergic to..
  • A small boy in the arena in Rome, and big cats; described the attack on his mother, and then himself.

“Birth Marks”

  • Are they souvenirs from the past? Evidence of past lives?
  • Bullet wounds,
  • Stabbings
  • Other traumas. Sudden, shocks.
  • May give you hints of where you might profit from some healing of past traumas
  • What Birth Marks do you have?



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