PRF September 17 2014 – From Atlantis to Extraterrestrial Beings

From Atlantis to Extraterrestrial Beings

“A grander scope of the human experience from the other side of the earth”

Crotalo Sessamo

Crotalo Sessamo

Head Global Ambassador of Damanhur Italy


~ Presentation Features ~

Relationships with Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Human Awareness, Development & Evolution

Advanced Technologies

Eco-Society Development


The Federation of Damanhur is a self-sustaining spiritual community founded in Northern Italy in 1975. For the past two years Damanhur has been recognized by the United Nations as a premier example of a seasoned successful self-sustaining community for others to follow. This eco-society community has grown to over 1,000 citizens developing a model for other global communities.

 Federation of Damanhur, PRF, Paranormal Research Forum

The advanced research laboratories at Damanhur have been developing a deeper understanding of nature and natural laws with the intention of directing technology in a healthier direction. Another key aspect to their teaching is a more comprehensive and complete understanding of our human abilities and potential.  One of their more well-known technological developments has been the “singing plants” which begins to unravel the language of plants and their communication potential with humans.  Other developments at their laboratories will be touched on at this Forum’s presentation.

Their Subterranean Temples are an amazing representation of their citizen’s efforts in creating a strong environment for their community.

Damanhuir Subterranean Temples, PRF, Paranormal Research Forum

Crotalo Sessamo, Damanhur’s Head Global Ambassador, will be presenting at the Paranormal Research Forum sharing their community’s unique connection and relationship with extraterrestrial beings which has been an integral component of their advanced stages of awareness. This advanced community appears to be a prototype of future human evolution in many ways.

Damanhur has developed a North American “Mystery School“ based in Boulder, Colorado with the first class on “Spiritual Physics” beginning September 20, 2014.  Some of the classes to be covered in this ancient esoteric wisdom school will be referenced in this PRF presentation.  First year classes in the Boulder Damanhur Mystery School will cover: Astral Travel I, Alien Civilizations and pre-Atlantean History I, Inner Harmonization, Past Lives Research I, Spiritual Physics I, The Dream Paths, Alien Civilizations and pre-Atlantean History II, Past Lives II, Developing Paranormal Faculties, Re-awaking the Inner Senses.

Hearing perceptions from another culture from the other side of the globe regarding human awareness and understanding, evolving social structures and communities, advanced scientific developments, interactions with extraterrestrial life forms and more brings an exciting aspect to a new and deeper understanding of who we are, who we’ve been, our potential and our larger role in the universe. For nearly 40 years this pioneering group of individuals has been structuring a way of living not driven by economics, large corporations and governments.  Learning more about their discoveries on this path of self-reliance and contribution will help many attendees refine their own paths as they move ever faster toward creation of their personal visions.

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