PRF October 28, 2015 |”Mastering the Human Potential”…Newest Scientific Discoveries of Creation Powers, 10-28-15

Mastering the Human Potential

Newest Scientific Discoveries of Creation Powers

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Presenting the award winning and newly revised version of Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3

As a highly successful artist over the past 20 years Ken Elliot has excelled above others in an extremely competitive profession very few have been able to achieve at a level with such accolades and prosperity.

Ken says, “I was fortunate. I was directly shown how thought creates and it does so immediately.” For over 15 years, Ken has experienced sending objects via thought and having them take form in real-time. His personal experiences and the stories in this book describe exactly how your thoughts create matter and concepts. People are saying, “This is so simple,” “Brilliant,” and “It just works!”

Throughout this process Ken has paid attention to the manner in which this success was reached. He has also followed human scientific discoveries as they have related to the power of human creation.  Through these personal experiences, thoughtful observations and research he has discovered information as powerful as anything any human has discovered or experienced….it’s CREATION!  How simple this illusive experience can now be understood and employed by anyone paying attention.

In our rapidly changing world rife with technological discoveries and advancement an astonishing revolutionary theme has begun to surface. Unwittingly a common human process has been employed by millions of individuals around the world to create these transformational technologies.  As an example, the widespread global development of energy technologies is now outpacing itself on a daily basis and will soon transform our world experience.

Ken Elliot’s presentation will address the process of creation itself. This process can be employed by anyone to create or experience about anything one chooses.  We make it easy or difficult based on our perception.  As much as we’re programmed to believe this kind of “magic” is only through an external process beyond our ability to grasp it is now apparent these solutions are completely within us in a manner we’ve not realized or accepted before.  Our perception must shift to fully employ these powers.

human manifesting perceptionsGovernments, religions, commercial interests and nearly all organizations have collectively spent trillions of dollars intentionally programming you during your lifetime.  These institutions only grow and thrive if you feel you need them and rely on them to handle matters.  With only a handful of exceptions their own objectives always come before providing you the power and ability to be independent of them.  In other words we have been convinced all our lives we need these external sources for personal achievements.

Meditation, prayer, self-help programs, 12-step programs and others fall short of incorporating the intellect and common sense approach to what others refer to as spiritual activity. It’s all one and the same.

Human-Manifesting-ManifestThe fact is there is a simple underlying process accomplishing the results experienced through all these approaches. Even scientific methods are now confirming the power of this human potential.  The difficult part is, and has always been, your personal perception.  This new information helps remove the intellectual doubt we have been so well programmed to convince us that suffering, sacrificing and struggle are the best way to create positive change in our life.

There are a number of factors that contribute to mastering this ability. Each of the previously mentioned organizations is not complete, fully accurate or detailed in their descriptions of creating or achieving desired realities.  The detailed process recently confirmed by new scientific research is broken down in his new book “Manifesting 1-2-3And You Don’t Need #3”.  Although many programs have professed and addressed such potential none have provided the complete process including scientific confirmation, simple process steps and the key points to insure the accuracy and reinforcement insuring the potency of your intended outcome.

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