PRF Oct. 26, 2016…“DISCOVERING NEW ENERGY WORLDS Course 101″…The New Discoveries of Science & Medicine Subtle Energy Sources

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Course 101

The New Discoveries in Healing & Subtle Energy Power Sources


~ Presenter ~

Mark Lemon

Energy Researcher l Inventor

Join us Wednesday October 26, 2016 in looking at the world of subtle energies to better understand the concepts and types of energies that are reshaping the way we look at, and address, our health and power needs.  CALL ALL YOUR HEALER FRIENDS to let them know about this event…they will find it quite helpful working in their prospective fields. It is believed some of the best cutting edge understanding of this new era of energy and healing will be shared.

New scientific discoveries are now expanding by leaps and bounds around the world. New concepts and perceptions of energy, and especially subtle energies, are rapidly replacing the outmoded expensive, dangerous and problematic standards utilized over the past century. The brute force fossil fuel approach to our energy needs and cut-and-drug solutions in conventional medicine in the United States have taken its toll in so many ways.

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The discoveries of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Wilhelm Reich, Patrick Flannigan, Robert Becker and other local research pioneers such as Bill Reed, Slim Spurling and others are now moving to the top of the list of desired options for health and healing especially as it relates to affordable non-threatening alternatives that work. Healing Energy Researcher and Invertor Bill Reid, known by many of you, is making arrangements to attend this event Oct. 26, 216.

Devices such as the Rife machine, the Vibe machine are good examples of initial breakthroughs in the healing energy world. The fast-moving refinements in deeper understanding of this new scientific arena make it evident this is not just an additional alternative to health needs but the beginning of a foundational transition in our view, approach and solution to all our energy systems and needs.

For the average person it’s difficult to navigate through this seemingly overwhelming myriad of new healing solutions and vocabulary including various methods, devices and supplements. It seems our introductions to this unfamiliar arena are typically specific to one product, device or service and marketing based more than informing us about the greater core of what we’re really wanting and needing to understand.

Mark will be giving a layman’s perspective of this new world of viewing energy for healing and power sources anticipating you will be able to leave the presentation with a more comprehensive and detailed picture allowing you to make more intelligent and informed decisions in your personal life regarding this new era we’re entering. His personal work and devices he has designed and built is an extension and further refinement of the work and discoveries of the aforementioned individuals

Healing modalities such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Radionics and dozens of other effective healing solutions all work with subtle energies embedded as an integral part of all living systems. The limited approach of conventional western science has made it difficult to understand how these methods work although they can recognize the results. Quantum physics research is now opening the doors to identifying a whole new world of these energetic system’s relationships and applications. These new discoveries are explaining the reasons shaman, medicine men and great healers have been effective in the gentle manipulation of these subtle energy fields.

These new solutions aren’t really new. They have always existed in nature and have been known and employed by many indigenous cultures for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. The resurgence and refinement of the application of these energy technologies are reappearing as our current western mainstream systems have outlived their effectiveness, affordability and practicality.


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