PRF Mar. 15, 2017…”Exploring the Multiverse”…Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

Exploring the Multiverse

Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences


Gabriel Sereni

Researcher l Life Coach l Senior Instructor at IAC


Gabriel Sereni is a holistic life coach, and a researcher and senior instructor at the IAC (International Academy of Consciousness), a global research and education organization that studies consciousness and human experience from a scientific and multidimensional perspective. He has given lectures and workshops at numerous Universities, Conferences and other organizations  worldwide on topics related to personal development, transpersonal psychology, consciousness studies and the intersection between science and spirituality for over fifteen years.   He has served in director capacities with IANDS, IAC and other leadership roles with over two decades of experience studying and using numerous practices for personal and spiritual growth.

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Meditation, remote viewing, clairvoyance, intuition, out of body experiences or astral travel, near death experiences, hypnotic regression, mediumship and other consciousness altering experiences (or methods) have been reported by people all over the world, throughout history. It allowed them to tap into what appear to be other worlds or dimensions, or what many today refer to as the “multiverse”. Little has been known or shared with the masses about most of these unique altered states of consciousness up to this point in man’s evolution.

The advent of the internet has spurred information sharing at an unprecedented rate, exposing knowledge of these once esoteric topics, from a variety of sources. Gabriel is one of those individuals that has studied and recognized the value of this body of knowledge and spent many years through research and personal experience, to better understand it, reviewing and testing information from diverse credible sources.


This talk with go beyond the typically linear process that is ideologically restricted and often taught from a single modality or perspective of one of the processes and experiences mentioned above. The approach will take a more comprehensive, universal and inclusive view that is research-based, providing helpful insights into how these phenomena occur, function, relate to each other, can be induced, and are connected to a greater framework of experience.

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Regardless of your interest or curiosity in any of the aforementioned topics, it is expected that you will gain a deeper awareness of the concepts and dynamics surrounding them, by the end of the presentation. The information received should assist in refining your perception, discernment and practice as you apply it to these various experiences and modalities for your personal evolutionary purposes.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • What these experiences seem to tell us about the existence of multiple dimensions, or a hypothetical “multiverse”
  • How to use out-of-body experiences, clairvoyance and other phenomena to interact with dimensions and obtain knowledge from them
  • How these experiences were reported and used in history
  • The subjective and objective aspects of each of these altered states of consciousness and how they are similar or different, including the underlying mechanisms they share
  • How research into these phenomena using the scientific method can be joined with a first-person investigative approach
  • Where we “go to” specifically when we have these experiences & the after-effects of this
  • How to choose and use these experiences to solve problems, develop ourselves and help others
  • The relationship between dreams, lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences and other phenomena
  • Identify the changes that happen to people when having these experiences
  • Learn how to control the mind and will in order to induce these experiences and to develop ourselves psychically

At this time, it appears that many people on the planet (certainly in the U.S.) are developing an increasing curiosity regarding these often-misunderstood lofty subjects, outside of the paradigms and ideologies that manmade religions and other mainstream institutions promote. To this end this presentation is designed and intended to help all that attend to connect more dots in this fascinating matrix, moving to a higher and deeper perception of reality.


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