PRF June 18, 2014…STARSEED DNA …An Epic Leap in Human Evolution is Underway “THE BIG PICTURE”


An Epic Leap in Human Evolution is Underway


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Dr. Jayson Cannon

Dr. Jayson C. Cannon has studied the science and healing methods of Chinese, Maya, Tibetan, Hindu, Native American and other cultures extensively. To most thoroughly understand these teachings he devoted thousands of hours acquiring vitruvian_man_Human_Soulnumerous degrees and certifications in multi-cultural healing techniques.  He is one of the few individuals in the United States having ever received a Homeopathic MD designation (accredited by the State of California) His international and intercultural medical/healer education led to a most diverse cross-section of cultural knowledge and perspectives not collectively taught elsewhere.

At the age of 6 he had his first unexplainable supernatural experience that made him realize there were so many big unanswered questions to uncover.  He has devoted his life to investigating, researching and comprehending reality at its deepest roots.  Dedicated to understanding the most powerful discoveries of the oldest civilizations in the world he has come in contact with human and non-human sources which has opened doors to multiple worlds difficult for most to comprehend.

As an adolescent he began going to libraries studying parapsychology, seeking out shamans, psychics and other uniquely knowledgeable individuals to answer important questions that resonated as truth.  He had an appetite for knowledge far beyond his years. Each piece of knowledge and truth he discovered raised more specific questions of the best sources he could find.

In the remote jungles of Central Mexico he encountered a most unique individual.  She shared extremely detailed scientific concepts and equations he had not heard of before.  It was given to her by Tikal, Mexico Pyramidan individual who claimed to be a scientist and physician not of this world. Over the course of years this individual returned to her in many different forms that defied understanding. Her encounters were so difficult to accept but they were actually happening and the information was so important it couldn’t be ignored.

This information seemed to be consistent with all Dr. Cannon had learned from the many ancient cultures of the world but at a much deeper and detailed level.  This information included diagrams relationships and cycles with levels below and above them that started to make complete sense of matters that appeared to be unrelated on the surface.  These were entirely new foundational scientific concepts that were mirrored in divergent cultural belief systems around the world.

His access to galactic/cosmic knowledge has continued to expand and he has been directed to teach smaller groups with the intent and hopes they will become teachers and leaders in various aspects of these new concepts being delivered.

The culmination of Dr. Cannon’s research reaches far beyond the medical and healing professions.  These same concepts of appearing conflict, polarization and isolation begin to expose God Hand, Michaelangelo, The Big Picture, Spritualsolutions identifying how and why many realities can and should co-exist in a more cohesive and harmonious manner.

This June 18, 2014 presentation is an overarching picture encompassing all that Dr. Cannon has presented in the United States in recent years.  Anyone that has attended any of his presentations is well aware of the level of awareness and significance of his information.  He will deliver a clear snapshot of the human evolution process hopefully answering the many “bigger” questions on most people’s mind covering our human origins and placement on this planet, our past, our present situation and what’s ahead. HumansHow Starseed DNA is introduced into the human experience will be of particular interest.

So many individuals in cultures around the world have been gathering on varying paths of discovery in pursuit of the same answers from different approaches. They are aware massive change in global human culture and the planet is underway and moving at an ever-increasing rate with growing confusion at macro and micro levels.  The rapid growth of technological development and information dissemination/access via the Internet is moving as fast as governments, big business and institutions are failing us.  It appears both humanity and out planet are nearing the end of an epic cosmic cycle that requires a grander perspective covering what is actually taking place and why these disorienting things are happening.

This information is expected to help deliver a clearer understanding of who humans on this planet are, our purpose and the stages of this grand galactic experiment.  Much information is being delivered from .Starseed DNA Evolutionhundreds of thousands of sources around the globe at this time.  From an incredible number of archeological discoveries changing our picture of ancient human history to giant technological leaps in nearly every aspect of science to thousands of UFO encounters routinely reported worldwide it should be apparent to anyone we are beginning to experience an entirely different world.  We appear to be in the process of transitioning from one human awareness experience to a much larger one reflected by both ancient and historic prophecies predicting the end of one world and beginning of another.  It seems our introduction into the galactic neighborhood is at hand.

This Wednesday’s event should make it easier to grasp the underlying story behind overwhelming volumes of data coming from many different directions.


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