PRF July 20, 2016…“The BIG Picture”…An Open Forum on Epic Humanity Changes

“The BIG Picture”

An Open Forum on Epic Humanity Changes

 Rick_Nelson,_Paranormal_Research_ForumRick Nelson

PRF founder, host & facilitator for the evening

We’re all interested in and following different aspects and elements of change in every arena at every level at this juncture in human history. Most of our historic benchmarks are rapidly shifting or are being removed. Viewing all of it together it often appears to be pure chaos. There is so much change taking place it is impossible to know it all and get our head around it from a micro and macro perspective as we move into unknown territory. We each tend to identify individual we’re most connected to and don’t have the time to constantly back away and incorporate all the other changes in other arenas that just took place. We’re discovering our institutional resources are no longer reliable and promote division and conflict rather than rational middle ground solutions incorporating the core principles of each side as had been done so many decades ago.

Tomorrow, Wednesday we’ll have an open discussion on some highly unique and interesting discoveries many may not be aware of which contribute to the larger adjustments we are transitioning through.


By many credible measures it appears we are completing the end of a large galactic adjustment cycle possibly representing tens of thousands of years.  We have very little, if any, simple answers as we move through widely corrupted social and institutional systems on a worldwide scale to create a better world for all to live in.

Regardless of how we choose to view things it is the end of one world as we have known it and the creation of a new one yet to be defined. Your host Rick Nelson will be presenting some foundational elements of a theory based on his research, investigations and a myriad of unique personal experiences which will hopefully make it easier to grasp and migrate through this turmoil from a higher perspective.

The evening will be devoted to discussing different aspects of this human societal transition and identifying common themes to give us a sense of where we’re at, where we’re going and how to create our future experience in the best possible manner.

By the end of the evening we have hopefully shared and heard some outstanding thoughts and ideas that will help each of us as we move forward on a daily basis into the great unknown creating our best imagined outcomes…



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