PRF Aug. 17, 2016…”THE AFTERLIFE REALM”…Your soul’s world between lives on earth


“The Afterlife Realm”

The soul’s world between lives on earth


Rich Haas

Dual Hypnotherapist Certifications I Certified Life-Between-Life Therapist I Author

Would you like to better understand the Realm we call the “Afterlife” – not from a religious viewpoint, but from scientific observation and documentation perspective? Reincarnation is a familiar concept however a very key link in that life cycle knowledge is missing with very few individuals that devote the time resources and objective expertise to understand it.  Most people are unaware researchers and scientists are studying the “unseen” portion of the cosmos from an intuitive consciousness viewpoint – (the Paranormal/Supernatural/Metaphysical) – with a phenomenal quantifiable degree of success! Some of these incredible insights discovered by these researchers will be discussed in the presentation.

A great number of world cultures and religious beliefs fully accept and embrace reincarnation as a foundation of the human soul experience. Even early Christianity teachings included reincarnation as a basic premise before Roman Emperors, not religious believers, changed the philosophy. In a University of Virginia study the intuitive highly advanced skills afterlifeand abilities of very young children extremely detailed unexplainable memories of previous lives and knowledge of detailed facts about matters not exposed to those persons in this life all lend powerful support to the existence of these afterlife return experiences. Most of us have intense interests or passions about certain cultures or time periods we are inexplicably drawn to which also lend strength to this cyclical human soul process. The weakest human awareness and understanding regarding this process is that period when our soul and spirit are awaiting their next earthbound experiences. That is what our presentation will key in on in addition to the grander understanding of the matrix which binds everything that exists.

Writer, Metaphysician and Entrepreneur Rich Haas, B.A., CHT, CHt, CHI, CLBLT, operates a successful science based Metaphysics practice in Morrison, Colorado. He teaches meditation to many groups, lectures on a myriad of metaphysical/scientific topics, writes articles and books.

Rich attained a Psychology Degree from San Jose State University in 1975. He is a Dual Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH and NATH), Certified Sacred_Quantum_Metaphysics, Author-Rich_Haas,_Book_PRF_Paranormal_Research_ForumHypnotherapy Instructor, and a Certified Life-Between-Life Therapist. You will find a complete history and other fascinating information at his website See also the Sacred Quantum Metaphysics Facebook page, and Where you will find a free download to the “Awaken the Enlightened Master Inside You Meditation.” Rich welcomes your thoughts at

Rich has conducted more than 3,000 “Life Between Life” hypnotic regression sessions since the 1970s exploring and discovering information about this little known realm of human soul migration process.  His unquenchable search for answers to questions such as, “where do we go when we die?”, “what happens there”, how are things decided?”, “how does the life-death-reincarnation process work?” has taken him through an unfathomable  amount of thoughtful investigation and research and discovery hours from so many different approaches until it has yielded a picture which continues to resonate again and again from all methodologies.

When Rich was researching recent scientific discoveries including Einstein, Tesla, quantum theory, string theory, etc., he was amazed to discover that many of Albert_Einstein~_Quotationthem were verifying ancient metaphysical wisdom. Those interrelationships are detailed in his newly published book Sacred Quantum Metaphysics. You will have the benefit of this extensive research at this talk.

Scientist and Prof. Gary Schwartz, PhD², University of Arizona (author of The Afterlife Experiments and other books) said after reading Rich’s new book:

This could be one of the more insightful and enlightening books you will read in your lifetime.”

Why would one author say this about another author’s book? You will understand completely after attending our Wednesday discussion!

The first half of the evening’s talk will be devoted to discussing concrete details of what the Afterlife is like, Nikola_Tesla, Paranormal_Research_Forumand finally helping to answer the age-old question, “What is the meaning of life?” For example, science is discovering what happens to your consciousness after your physical body and brain dies. We will also discuss how you can discover what your true purpose in life is, and how to manifest it. Research has recently verified that we agree to many personal details of our current incarnation before we are born on this earthly plane. There will be adequate time for questions and answers.

After the break, the details of some of the interrelationships between recent scientific discoveries and paranormal, or supernatural, phenomenon will be explained. For example, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla both proved matter is a fleeting manifestation of energy – supporting the paranormal evidence that matter is transitory and can be altered.

Quantum theory proved that consciousness changes physical matter – verifying the metaphysical truism, “We create reality with our thoughts.” This is just two of 12 recent scientific discoveries that verify paranormal research detailed extensively in the book Sacred Quantum Metaphysics. This latter segment will also have time for questions and answers.

Do not be intimidated by these topics! This presentation will be in everyday language, without scientific jargon, formulas or difficult equations. Bring your skepticism, questions and curiosity, for a fun filled evening of insights and enlightenment!



By many credible measures it appears we are completing the end of a large galactic adjustment cycle possibly representing tens of thousands of years.  We have very little, if any, simple answers as we move through widely corrupted social and institutional systems on a worldwide scale to create a better world for all to live in.

Regardless of how we choose to view things it is the end of one world as we have known it and the creation of a new one yet to be defined. Your host Rick Nelson will be presenting some foundational elements of a theory based on his research, investigations and a myriad of unique personal experiences which will hopefully make it easier to grasp and migrate through this turmoil from a higher perspective.

The evening will be devoted to discussing different aspects of this human societal transition and identifying common themes to give us a sense of where we’re at, where we’re going and how to create our future experience in the best possible manner.

By the end of the evening we have hopefully shared and heard some outstanding thoughts and ideas that will help each of us as we move forward on a daily basis into the great unknown creating our best imagined outcomes…



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