“Newest Scientific Discoveries from Ancient Sources”

A Six Week Course on

“Newest Scientific Discoveries from Ancient Sources”

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This program is a comprehensive overview and breakdown of the newest understanding of science governing all living things in the universe. It includes the make-up of the human form, its health, nutrition, daily cycles, healing and structure of the human subtle bodies. It will also cover dynamics of the unified electrified charge fields making up and driving all matter in the universe. The information is based on an ancient cosmic knowledge base not previously available to humanity.

It is initially anticipated there will be a 2-3 hour presentation 7:00 PM, Tuesday, December 13th and five Monday evening sessions January 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th 2012. The classes will be held at the Arvada Jaycee Hall at 5640 Yukon St. in Old Town Arvada 2-minutes north of I-70 and Wadsworth and one block west of Old Wadsworth Blvd.

This information is intended for those prepared to teach others and contribute to the collective human understanding through various means. It is not a course solely for personal benefit. It is the beginning of the creation of new communities. There will also be opportunities to assist with various educational programs currently being developed. The information delivered is designed for accelerated human consciousness, changing the way we live on, and with, our living planet setting an example for living in the powerful adjustments about to be experienced.

Attendance is limited so please e-mail Rick Nelson at ExplorerExperience@yahoo.com with your interest in attending. Include your phone number and if you feel like it you’re welcome to mention any way you might be helping contribute to the human experience with this information. Again this work is designed to improve the experience and future of all living things on this planet as quickly as possible. More information will be given to those attending.

~ A $5+ meeting donation appreciated, to help pay for venue costs, printed material, website and other cash expenses associated with this course ~

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Dr. Jayson C. Cannon


Coordinated by the

Paranormal Research Forum

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303 919-6532