New Science of the Universe ~ Nassim Haramein

“New Understanding of the Unified Field”


Nassim HarameinNassim Haramein

A powerful new understanding of the “Unified Field” that connects and drives everything that exists in our Universe


Event held at the Tivoli Building, Auraria Campus, Denver, Colorado June 25, 2009 Tivoli Building ~ Auraria Campus ~ Denver, Colorado


Rick Nelson, founder of the Paranormal Research Forum introduced Nassim Haramein to a crowd made up of a highly unique cross-section of scientific and spiritual souls drawn from various organizations and disciplines.  This presentation is an overview of a new comprehension of the dynamic laws that make up our magnificent Universe: A presentation designed specifically for the general public to come to understand our world in a compelling, dramatic new way. This innovative knowledge may well change the ways our physical sciences perceive how everything truly works from the most subatomic and cosmic levels. The tangible results of such a departure from our current paradigm could run the gamut from enabling the wholesale, limitless generation of non-polluting “free energy” to a radical alteration in how we view ourselves as a species of life in the Universe. Truly, this new comprehension may be the most important epochal leap in understanding reality and our innate potential as human beings since the revelations of quantum theory and the holographic nature of physical existence.

This elemental shift in total awareness of All That Is and the consequent possibilities of creating all that anyone can imagine. This presentation evokes new and informed hope for the future of humankind, our planet, and our ability to become a true functional participant in our galactic neighborhood.

Haramein is the Director of Research at “The Resonance Project“, a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to the exploration of unification principles and their implications in our world today. The foundation is actively developing a research park where science, sustainability, green technology and permaculture come together

 Nassim Haramein presentation, Auraria Campus, Denver Colorado ~ Paranormal Research Forum

About 200 people gathered at the Auraria Campus during a powerful rainstorm in Denver, Colorado June, 2009 to hear this perception altering presenattion



“Crossing the Event Horizon”

Nassim Haramein


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~ Testimonials ~

 Louis H. Kauffman, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics University of Illinois at Chicago

“I have worked together with Nassim in the Sequoia Symposium – a multi-disciplinary seminar, over the course of four years. Nassim has been doing his independent research for fifteen years. Nassim is an expert on the polyhedral geometry of space and he is working on interrelations of physics, astrophysics, geometry and philosophy. He brings tremendous energy and creativity to this work… Nassim is a unification theorist and cosmologist and expert in the geometry of space. I recommend him very highly.” (2001)

“I am writing this letter in behalf of Nassim Haramein and his research project. I had the pleasure of participating in a research seminar [the Uni-Phi Consortium] on interdisciplinary problems in physics and mathematics organized by him. This included a tour of the research facility and an opportunity to converse about the scientific problems involved. I am very impressed with this work and its potential for both specific applications and theoretical progress. I recommend this work and Nassim Haramein’s endeavor very highly indeed.” (2008)



Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D. Former Professor of Evolution Biology at M.I.T. United Nations Consultant, Author

“As an evolution biologist, professor and consultant, I have worked with various scientific tanks on the unification of scientific disciplines, new university curricula and Unified Theory in physics and cosmology. My familiarity with Mr. Haramein’s work came through his repeated invitations to present it in these situations, where he served as both speaker and discussant with many scientists and mathematicians, often of world renown, who dearly respected his work. As I had the opportunity to see his presentations and have private discussions with him over a period of about five years, I can testify not only to his competence in physics, mathematics, astronomy, cosmology and related fields, but to the tremendous amount of work he did in researching and formulating his evolving geometric theory of the origins of matter – a theory unusual in its coherence, self-consistency and confirmation by the latest astronomical observations. As a graduate school professor and in serving on Ph.D. committees, I have rarely seen so dedicated and hard-working a student as Mr. Haramein, who has done his work entirely on his own for fifteen years, thereby demonstrating tremendous motivation and achievement.”



Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Ph.D. Nuclear and Astrophysics Physics Research Director, TRL Laboratory

“Over the past several years I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Nassim Haramein. Haramein’s research is very complimentary to my own, and he has vastly extended research that I had conducted over a number of years at the University of California at Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. For over three decades I have been working on a Theory of Fundamental Processes to cosmological models. This work involves an approach to unification of the quantum theory and relativistic physics. Certain additional concepts in my work required further clarification and advancement. Nassim Haramein has conducted similar research for number of years and has provided vital advancements in the unification macro cosmological and micro phenomenon. This research has provided highly significant advances, which satisfies the proper conditions from early universe to the current universal state.

Haramein’s research presents new and major concepts that lead to a new scaling law from cosmological, galactic, stellar and other x-ray emitting systems, such as the atom. It extends my research and resolves some of the inconsistencies in my work. Haramein’s work involves vast new progress towards a new approach of a fundamental and coherent unified cosmological model. Recent observational astrophysical data, which he and I have researched strongly, supports the new model that Haramein has presented. These are also of interest to me and my research, and I am continuing my involvement with the Resonance Project and Nassim Haramein’s research in the capacity of theoretical physicist, technologist and design consultant, for it is my view that these efforts are not only legitimate, but are crucial to the advancements of physics.”



Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College Founder, Director of the Global Dialogue Institute

“I am pleased to give the strongest support for Nassim Haramein. I have known him for the past four years and believe that his unusual intellectual and personal gifts make him an important asset to higher education on a global scale. I have been colleagues with Nassim since his first presentation to the Sequoia Seminar… The Sequoia Seminar is a forum that brings together some of the most advanced and creative minds across diverse fields of research. When I first heard Nassim speak I was amazed at the breadth and scope of his vision and knowledge. The Sequoia Seminar is a rigorous exploration of the Logic of the Unified Field, the attempt to clarify the deeper missing foundations of knowledge across diverse disciplines. It is clear that Nassim has advanced knowledge in the areas of Physics, Astrophysics, Geometry, Philosophy, Cosmology and Unified Field theory. The long attempt to tap the deeper code of the Unified Field is one of the most significant research initiatives of the past century. And Nassim is clearly making a substantial contribution to the advancement of this depth of science and research.

I was also impressed with the response of my colleagues to Nassim’s original ideas, in widely diverse fields ranging from Mathematics, Cosmology, Physics, Architecture, Biochemistry and Philosophy… I should add that Nassim is a gentle and humane person whose presence brings out the best in others. He is completely devoted to learning and to a selfless giving of his best to others. He is a gifted and valuable teacher.”



Randolph Wesley Masers Professor at California Institute of Psychoacoustics Former Professor at San Jose State University President and Chief Engineer – Springlife Polarity Research

“I have known Nassim Haramein … [since 1997] and we met due to our mutual background and affinity in the fields of geometry, physics, philosophy, and unification theory. I have attended many of his outstanding public presentations and we have done several public presentations of our mutual work together as well as participating in a multi-disciplinary unification theory group… Over the years we have shared an enormous amounts of private time together discussing the sciences. Of all of the scientists and philosophers I have met, including Nobel Prize winners, I have not found any of them to possess more knowledge of the unified field as comprehensively unified and accurate as the knowledge that Mr. Haramein effortlessly and meticulously knows and shares.

I spent seventeen straight years teaching at the university level (University of California, Santa Cruz, 1972 – 1981 and San Jose state University 198 – 1989) where in addition to my usual and interdisciplinary teaching duties I coached undergraduate and graduate students who had interdisciplinary interests and talents. Some of these students had talents and interests that were almost beyond the university’s ability to serve as they either combined disciplines in a unique way or were beyond the current understanding in certain areas and even beyond the understanding of many of the faculty. Most of these students went on to complete their masters or doctorate degree and, according to follow up studies, were successful in the workforce. The reason I am sharing this is because, in all of these years, I don’t think I’ve met anyone with as much brilliant and insightful knowledge and at such a genius level of comprehension of the unified field as Nassim Haramein. If I were a member of his doctoral advisory board, I would have voted to award him a doctoral degree in unification theory and cosmology based on what he already knows and what he can currently document and communicate. In addition, I would have allowed him to skip most of the required courses, since much of his work makes them at least partially inaccurate on a number of key scientifically validated points. Many of the key points that Nassim Haramein made four years ago, some of which were viewed with skepticism or dismissed by national and international authorities, have since turned out to be totally accurate due to new scientifically proven evidence… The way things are going now, Nassim Haramein may turn out to be one of the foremost heroes in a field of study that can dramatically affect all of the other fields of study.”