Paranormal Research ForumThe Paranormal Research Forum is a not-for-profit educational gathering dedicated to exploration and greater understanding of the unfamiliar and unknown.  The “Forum” is dedicated to recognizing, investigating, exploring, researching, discovering, understanding and experiencing the grander reality.

We believe events typically labeled as “paranormal” or “supernatural” are simply glimpses of more sophisticated realities we are a part of.  As we begin to realize a deeper understanding of these supernatural and paranormal matters the core origins of myth, legend and folklore are revealed defining a more complete  and accurate picture of coexisting worlds we have barely been familiar with.  It represents the future scientific reality we have yet to document, define, understand and  officially adopt by our conventional mainstream institutions.

We further believe that science, religion, myth, folklore, the supernatural and the paranormal have threads in common that are one and the same weaving a more magnificent tapestry than we’ve ever perceived before. The greater truth is that, in reality, they do not conflict with each other but only appear to conflict because our limited understanding and teachings give that impression.  It appears these supernatural and paranormal matters provide the connections of a sophisticated unified matrix that unites everything in the cosmos involving descriptions and concepts far beyond our current comprehension. We evolve quickly as we begin discovering new facts that fill these gaps previously separating these various misperceptions we’ve allowed to be created. Correcting our current  misconceptions and misunderstandings is another essential component to becoming a competent being.  Knowing these facts, truths and realities are one thing, having them made known to the public and imbedded into our foundational beliefs and way of living is another.  It is suspected that nearly every aspect of all future discoveries of great matters are, or have ever been, known by someone somewhere. Getting this information delivered to the world made of networks and systems driven, directed and controlled by money and powerful families and institutions is an entirely different matter.

The Paranormal Research Forum is dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of the most valuable truths about hidden information providing personal freedom and individual empowerment beyond our comprehension. From levitation and telepathic communication to time travel and much more our world will be permanently altered in the most dramatic ways by our awareness and acceptance of these little known realities. The Russian and United States Governments have been conducting secret experiments and research in the areas of anti-gravity, remote viewing, teleportation, time travel and much more for many  decades. The book Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain and the website www.DisclosureProject.org are enlightening works that begin opening the doors to worlds and realities beyond our imagination.

The monthly Forum presentations are geared toward researchers, paranormal investigators, educators, scientists and other curious open-minded souls wanting to be more aware of the world and universe we live in. This objective and critical approach offers an insightful look into a deeper understanding of life and the fascinating universe we live in. PRF provides a monthly forum of speakers/ panels on paranormal topics scheduling occasional conferences, workshops, tours, experiments and expeditions. PRF is dedicated to the search for the greatest of truths about the unfamiliar and unknown. Trips, tours and expeditions are occasionally cosponsored with The Adventure Club. We are based in Denver, Colorado and meet monthly presenting rational and logical information on paranormal topics from the best researchers available.

Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are a small sampling of great scientific leaders and inventors that have embraced and pursued paranormal investigation with great passion and acceptance. The veil between our human existence and other grand realities we coexist with is quite thin at this time. By peeking through this veil we develop a greater awareness and more comprehensive picture of our complex and fascinating universe including the origins and potential abilities of mankind.

Within our life experiences and all scientific study there are unexplainable events that scientists and most people typically dismiss. Within those anomalies lie tomorrow’s new scientific discoveries. The Paranormal Research Forum works with explorers, investigators, researchers, experiencers, authors, and scientists collecting and analyzing this data to help establish foundational science for tomorrow’s new understandings.

If you’ve ever wondered about ghosts, UFOs, ETs, crop circles, psychic abilities and more this is the place to be introduced to some of the most credible and quantifiable information available. We provide facts and information not typically available through conventional sources catering to curious open minded skeptics serious about evolving their understanding about man and our amazing universe. We provide credible information for intelligent people and encourage everyone to form their own opinions.

We live in a culture preoccupied with celebrities from TV, movies, sports, musicians, political, economic and business power brokers while self absorbed in egos and materialistic possessions. Although these matters comprise the most significant share of media coverage and the input in our lives they create a void of deeper meaning and substance in our lives. PRF is in pursuit of filling this void. In an evolutionary process our institutions have become driven primarily by power and money overshadowing the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and human evolution.

All of the greatest scientific discoveries were dismissed, ridiculed or even attacked by conventional thinking before they were adopted as revolutionary discoveries of mankind. Most people used to believe the world was flat, man couldn’t fly, pictures couldn’t come from a box, you couldn’t talk to someone on the opposite side of the earth and man couldn’t go to the moon. Down deep everybody knows there are always greater, more amazing, mysteries to be uncovered. In the past two centuries alone man has evolved through the industrial age, machine age, technology age and is on the brink of the subtle energy age being confirmed through quantum physics. Discoveries are increasing at an exponential rate with no end in site. The Paranormal Research Forum invites you to join us at our monthly Forum and for special events such as investigations, research projects, expeditions, conferences and more.