January 18th – “Life Transforming Experiences”…What happened…and how are you now different?

Bobby Collier  and Shelly Tanenbaum 

Have you had:
…A spiritual awakening?
…An ET contact or abduction?
…A Near death or other out-of-body experience?
…An Intense physical or emotional trauma?
…or, any life changing events?


A great many of us have experienced extremely unique events that have changed the way in which we live and experience life.  These happenings vary in range and intensity but the profound effect may have more impact and significance than we recognize.  A typical manner in which we deal with overwhelming events is to block them from our memory, ignore or rationalize what happened, feel disoriented, fearful and isolated, or simply not talk about it.  However, our true reality is far more complex, organic, dynamic, and powerful than we are led to believe. Becoming consciously aware of the new or modified person you have become can be extremely beneficial to your personal growth and provide wonderful new potential to a more unlimited present and future!

Our two presenters this Wednesday include Bobbie Collier-Morales, an experiencer who has had transformative psychic experiences including ET contact and Dr. Shelley Tanenbaum, a psychologist who has worked with abductees and has had her own life-altering experiences.

Shelley will review a list of Gifts and Challenges common to ET experiencers based on her work with abductees, If you’ve had any of the life changing experiences above, you will relate to many of the characteristics described. In seeing ourselves mirrored in this way, we recognize our common humanity.  Tips for therapists and healers working with experiencers will be reviewed.

Bobbie will share some of what it’s been like to grow up with psychic abilities and other highly unusual experiences, including aspects of what she’s learned.   She realizes major changes are underway for nearly every component of our human experience and perception at this time and wants to assist others in discovering their own contributions and roles by sharing her personal discovery process. Her interests include the advancement of exotic energy and healing technologies and other esoteric contributors.  She feels everyone has something to offer that will affect the outcome of our journey for the greater good.  

About the Presenters:

Shelly_Tanenbaum_Psy.D Shelley Tanenbaum, Psy.D. began her work with abductees under the mentorship of Internationally noted Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack at PEER (the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research.) She is the creator of Intuitive Life Movement®, a healing practice that gently catapults us out of our habitual boxes. This practice and her artwork were inspired by her own extraordinary experiences. As a psychologist in Boulder, Shelley creates a safe space for clients to discover greater aliveness through their body, mind and heart. She also helps people navigate the paradigm shifts that accompany spiritual and other life-altering experiences

Bobbi_Collier_MoralesBobbie Collier-Morales is a native of Boulder, professional artist and children’s book illustrator. She has been experiencing alternate realities since childhood leading her to ask lots of questions and explore the world of spirituality from many perspectives. Her earliest dream recollections are of being on a space craft and being taught by teachers she could not see, who filled her with an urgent desire to understand that life is multidimensional, and much more than “meets the eye.”  She has two adult children who have had their own psychic experiences.


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