Ken Elliott ” Experiencing the Paranormal Spectrum”

Ken Elliott

Over the years Ken has been scheduling speakers on “Coast to Coast” AM, Jeff Rense and more. Although his role is typically not in the public’s eye he has had the ability to continually attract amazing personal experiences and individuals to him. He has also had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most credible individuals having highly unusual experiences defying science as it is defined today. Some of the individuals and the subject matter Ken has worked with include Time travel (Al Bielek), UFO/ Extraterrestrial Recovery (Clifford Stone, US Army), Angelic Visitations (Joe Crane), Extraterrestrial Disclosure (Dr. Steven Greer), Out of Body Experiences (william Buhlman & Albert Taylor), Medical Intuitive (Patty Conklin), Reincarnation (Nick Bunick), Spirit Documentation (Mark Macy), Rosslyn Chapel (DiVinci Code).

Ken’s experiences are so broad reaching covering various topics of greatest interest. Regardless of your interests his information is enlightening information and perspectives. This unique opportunity will resonate at a deep level and is likely to help connect a few dots in the emerging fields of new scientific understanding. His website is

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