June 15 Denver Forum “UFO Trends & Update”

Clifford Clift, MUFON Intl. Director

The supression of the UFO reality is fast coming to an end.  Thanks to MUFON and many other reputable organizations and individuals worldwide the general populace is becoming aware these craft have been reported for thousands of years and are now being sighted by large numbers of witnesses worldwide with an overwhelming amount of official documentation and physical evidence confirming .  Tens of millions of websites now provide detailed information and evidence or reference UFOs in every country.  Several major governments heve begun releasing their classified UFO reports in the past few years.  Some countries are now permitting their military pilots to speak out publicly about their personal encounters engaging these highly technologically advanced craft.  For some reason the United States Government has been the last major government to officially release their classified UFO documents and the US news media has refused to address the matter in any responsible manner.  It is very confusing and deeply concerning.

Thousands of individuals are now coming forward with their personal encounter experiences with these extraterrestrial beings.  Hundreds of  government officials and government contractors including military, intelligence agents, NASA engineers, astronauts and others are going public with their awareness, involvement and cover-up of the US Government interactions with beings and their craft from other parts of the galaxy.

The most significant event in known human history is unfolding at this time despite government efforts to hide this information from the public.  The ramifications of who and what we are, where we come from, technologies now available to and other fundamental reality considerations now become the questions to consider.  Our understanding of reality is about to change in a most profound way.  People beginning to realize this now want more credible facts and details about what is truly going on.

MUFON, Mutual UFO Network, founded in 1969 is a private global organization collecting reports of sightings and conducting investigations of UFO reports from a scientific perspective.  It is the largest civilian UFO investigation in the world with hundreds of scientists, engineers, doctors, trained investigators and other professionals dedicated to discovering and understanding the truth about the UFO phenomenon.

Clifford will be presenting  powerful information addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about UFO activity and more.  Based on the high volume of reports and investigations MUFON has been reviewing he will cover significant trends, recent activity and insights on some of the most dramatic sightings in major cities around the world.  These recent mass sightings have been witnessed by large crowds and documented by numerous videos and photos.  He will also present helpful facts and information on a number of the most interesting and recent Colorado UFO activity.

This is a great opportunity to get some of the most important and most recent information on this important topic from one of the world’s  most credible investigative sources.