GhostsFor most people the word “Ghost” conjures up thoughts and concepts that have been delivered to us primarily based on fear.  Rigid conservative institutional beliefs promoted by religions, psychiatry and other mainstream sources have had us believe it is solely delusional or even a basis for being labeled irrational or insane.  More recently a number of cable television networks have been airing different series on ghost investigations documenting video, audio and other scientific indicators of unexplainable activity.  Other networks have been presenting documentaries on the topic shifting mainstream acceptance of the topic.

It is easy to convince people to fear what is unfamiliar or unknown to us.  In actuality it is important to realize nothing is to be feared, just understood and respected.  As  native peoples were introduced to items such as cigarette lighters, mirrors, television, cell phones they were viewed as taboo or something to be feared.  What we commonly refer to as ghosts, spirits, apparitions and more are currently placed into those categories.

It is important to realize nothing is to be feared, just understood and respected…Rick Nelson

Every culture throughout known history has embraced human spirits that have passed to the next reality in one manner or another.   A rational more objective understanding of these phenomena is more effective if we eliminate most of what we have been told and start from scratch. If you view them as just another life form that most of us are not familiar with yet the understanding becomes much easier.

Once we evolve beyond fear and paranoia we can begin to understand how to connect with these beings.  Beyond that, we will likely be able to request contact with those we choose and start having interactive communication on an individual basis.  Many paranormal investigators and researchers have been using digital and analog recorders to develop conversations with these entities.  These communications are commonly referred to as EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomena.  They ask questions then allow an adequate period of time for a response and then pose another query.  As the recording is played back you can often hear a voice response addressing the question.  It doesn’t work every time but enough to confirm that it is possible and does work.  Sometimes they get a slow drawn out guttural sound or a short blip sound.  This frequently indicates slowing or speeding up the recording is required to better understand the responses.  Shortening or lengthening the replayspeed of the recording can expose some amazing results.

The development and affordability of new digital, thermal, infrared and other audio, photo and video recording devices have made it possible for many to document this activity with amazing results confirming the presence of life activity invisible to the human eye and beyond our range of hearing

An example of life forms we coexist with but were previously unaware of would be mites, germs and other microscopic organisms or creatures.  Maybe not the perfect example but they do help us realize the concept.  We have always lived with worlds we are unaware of have always been there.  We just couldn’t see them.  We made jokes about them but considered the idea of them fantasy and silliness.  More importantly science couldn’t prove it.

Throughout history scientists have been one of the biggest roadblocks to acceptance and understanding of many matters.  They never created anything.  They just finally accepted a reality that was always there…and took a very long time doing it.  In their perception things can’t be real unless it can be proven with their methodologies, protocols and qualifiers.  According to science bumblebees and hummingbirds can’t fly because they don’t comply with the laws of physics as science defines it today.  Unfortunately their methods of measurement are too basic and foundationally flawed and incomplete to acknowledge or accept reality too sophisticated for their intellectual limitations.

It’s also unfortunate science has so effectively convinced millions they are not capable of knowing things without their official scientific conformation.  If we are to live in reality it is important to put science and other experts where they belong…in the box.  That’s right.  They have created the box.  They draw it’s rigid lines and try to convince us these are the limits of, or rules of, reality.  Reality is too grand, dynamic and complex for human scientific intellect to grasp.

There are many factors influencing the ability of a person to see, hear or sense one of these spirits, ghosts or entities.  Keep in mind individuals are each unique in their physiological makeup and it is possible their range of vision or hearing is slightly different than the average person.  A dog’s hearing or a cat’s sight covers a substantially wider range than humans.  Atmospheric conditions and other daily and seasonal factors may also play a role in one’s ability to perceive this activity.  Relating itb to the frequency of a distant radio signal that occasionally comes in strong under certain conditions might be a good metaphor.

Death, or the afterlife, is simply a continuum of the soul life cycle…Rick Nelson

The fact is we live in a world and universe rife with intelligent life and realities.  They exist in different frequencies, dimensions, realms and worlds beyond our current comprehension.  We see the effects of these unfamiliar living worlds but dismiss the reality possibility.  Instead we tend to rationalize anything that is too unusual and dismiss what we had just experienced.  It’s much easier and more comfortable to convince ourselves what we just saw, heard, smelled or felt was just a trick of our mind or misinterpreted illusion.

It is extremely important to recognize we don’t have a great deal of specific details on these matters that can be consistently replicated by our current methods of scientific measurement.  There is much scientific evidence and other documented reports by credible individuals and groups confirming the reality of their presence, but again, not yet accepted by conservative scientific institutions. 

A fundamental scientific premises is that nothing ceases to exist…it just changes form.  Why should we be any different?…Rick Nelson

GhostsFortunately “Ghost Hunter” groups around our country spurred on by movies and mainstream American and British television programs moving many cultures toward the collective acceptance of their existence. As of May, 2011 the Google search engine identifies 246,000,000 websites about, or referencing, ghosts.

Although few individuals are intimately familiar with this phenomenon there are certain unique characteristics most investigations and research have identified. Some of the Characteristics consistent in the presence of these spirits include:

  • Cold air spots are frequently experienced in the immediate area where an entity is present
  • Draining of power from device batteries when present such as cameras and tape recorders
  • Inaudible voices can be recorded on analog and digital recorders (frequently in response to our questions)
  • Occasionally voices or indiscernible guttural and other uniquer noises can be heard but understood only when they have been audibly recorded and played back at slower or faster speeds.
  • Being touched, pushed, hair or clothing pulled, being slapped, scratched or developing a very sick feeling are unusual but suggest the presence of a playful or malevolent entity.
  • Levitation or movement of objects with no apparent explanation
  • Some researchers such as Mark Macy have been able to have interactive audio and video communication with individuals known to have passed while the television screen is in between channels displaying static or “white noise”.  Many people have also reported experiencing his phenomena.
  • A mist, gossamer or ectoplasm can be seen or photographed especially in the infrared range of the light spectrum
  • Objects are moved, levitated or thrown
  • Occasionally entities can visually manifest (some only through photography)
  • Objects are moved, levitated or thrown

Human spirits that have passed on can be attached to:

  • Individuals
  • Specific buildings, structures, ceremonies, events or land locations
  • Furniture, objects or jewelry that the individuals had a close connection with here on earth
  • Electromagnetic energy fields
  • Wells or basement floor drains (possibly the earth’s electromagnetic fields being delivered through aquatic conduction)


Types of Ghosts/Spirits/Entities/Beings

There appear to be an infinite number of life forms that exist in numerous dimensions, realms and frequencies. Although there is more than enough evidence to document the presence of these life forms it is seldom given much open or intelligent query in the mainstream culture.  We use dozens of terms to reference these intelligent life forms sometimes based on the type if activity.  Ghosts and spirits are the most common yet it appears there

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