Rick Nelson is founder of the Paranormal Research Forum based in Denver, Colorado since December, 2004.  It has now become “The World’s Largest Monthly Gathering on Any Paranormal Matters”.

The Forum was designed to understand the most important of matters related to mankind that are unknown, little known or misunderstood.  This work is intended to ultimately bridge the gap between science and spirituality.  For Rick it has opened unimaginable doors to places, worlds, realms and dimensions and the highly unique and intelligent life forms that occupy them.   Although not anticipated his respectful approach and humanitarian objectives has rapidly attracted and given him access and understandings to inner circles of secret societies, secret government programs and a global hierarchy that has existed since evolved cultures were developed.  These insights moved him much quicker into grander perspectives with more thoughtful questions and the resources to have them answered more accurately and completely.

He has been an explorer and seeker throughout his entire life driven by an insatiable sense of curosity and a deep desire to understand the world on deeper terms.  In recent years his life has been devoted to investigation and research into unique arenas little known to man or understood by the scientific community.  His hopes have been to explore and discover factual data and information to better understand what the reality of ghosts, UFOs and other paranormal or supernatural phenomenon was and what it wasn’t.  His intention was to develop insights and confirmation providing answers to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.  Summer of 1987 began his first organized explorations into the unfamiliar and unknown which has become an endless journey of discovery.

After hearing a very compelling story by two young men claiming they had a UFO encounter in a remote area of Utah Rick assembled a group of curious souls to travel and investigate.  This 1987 expedition experience combined with convincing UFO reports from any locals he asked in the area made it apparent something highly unusual and unexplainable was taking place worthy of further investigation.  The more he found out the more real and fascinating it became.

In December 2004 he founded the Paranormal Research Forum in Denver, Colorado which shortly became the nations’s largest monthly gathering on any paranormal matters then the world’s largest.  Conducting investigations, research, and sponsoring expeditions, conferences, workshops and other events attracted the attention of others interested in learning about and sharing their personal experiences, accounts and local resources they had discovered.  Soon this became an unlimited access resource of information leading to unique individuals and locations demonstrating activity that would boggle the mind.  Any given topic had endless avenues of information that was as intriguing as it was bizarre especially when they led to personal first-hand experiences for the investigator.

Paranormal Research Forum, PRF monthly gathering

Paranormal Research Forum monthly meeting in Denver, Colorado USA

In recent years he has worked with, and learned from, astronauts, physicists, psychologists, university professors, hypnotherapists, healers, shaman, paranormal investigators, paranormal researchers, authors, theologians, retired intelligence agents, high ranking military officials, remote viewers, filmmakers, dowsers, mediums, psychics, Intuitives, telepaths, channelers, empaths, clairaudients, clairsentients, clairvoyants, animal communicators, wizards, witches, warlocks, abductees, individuals with extraterrestrial encounters, parents of human/extraterrestrial hybrid children, individuals with supernatural abilities, individuals experiencing various paranormal activity, inventors, engineers, university professors, ghost investigators, gurus, Park Rangers, historians, archaeologists, astronomers, astrologers, numerologists, theologians, shaman, Native American elders (including medicine men, healers, spiritual elders), Native American storytellers and other individuals with unique abilities, insights, information and perspectives on these little understood subjects.  This broad resource base offered a highly unique and well-rounded perspective on these matters including fascinating and thought provoking insights few, if any, would have considered.

Growing up in the remote wooded rolling hills of rural southwestern Ohio he had the chance to explore and begin understanding nature in depth from a very young age.  Studying bugs, birds, animals, plants, trees, rocks, weather and more he began to better understand how and why things worked the way they did including the subtle symbiotic relationships they had with each other.  He had thousands of questions bouncing around in his head and wasn’t impressed with simple rationalizations others presented as explanation.  Those answers just didn’t resonate and certainly didn’t begin to explain what unusual experiences many credible people reported they were having.

Childhood Curosity

Some realizations were more shocking than others but always a learning experience….

He was fascinated by everything and extremely curious taking every opportunity to understand life on his own terms.  Understanding things in a way that was complete and didn’t leave gaping holes or critical lingering unanswered questions.  He was a very quiet child always observing with thoughtful consideration wanting to understand what was going on at the deepest level possible.  Some things just had to be personally confirmed and others experienced and thoroughly explored.  Most of what he was told and taught had some logic to it but didn’t seem fully accurate or complete.  He knew there was much to be known within those lingering unanswered questions he always had and discovering these answers would have a profound affect in how we viewed the world.  Some realizations were more shocking than others but always a learning experience.  He developed a belief that nothing was to be feared, just understood and respected.  It didn’t make sense that we couldn’t see temperature differences, feel colors or even fly for that matter…there just had to be more than what we thought…certainly more than we were told.  It always seemed that animals, birds, insects, trees and plants lived by their own set of rules with their own priorities and values in a world most people have never paid much attention to or thought about.  Quite frankly they just knew about things we didn’t and we could probably learn quite a bit from them.  Indigenous cultures around the world understood the significance of the observation and study of nature and the dynamics of natural laws.  Their primary teacher was nature and the dynamics that governed the flow and patterns of natural law.  Working with their recognition of this subtle natural flow allowed them to become highly advanced in certain ways beyond our current manner of perceiving and living in mainstream cultures.

After graduating High School at 17 he had to break free from the constraints of rural life miles outside a small steel mill town and chose to join the Navy.  He always excelled in cognitive testing and as a result was given the opportunity of entering any Navy discipline of his choice.  He decided on Air Intelligence to gain firsthand knowledge of the world’s most significant matters.  The regimented training he received in Intelligence School combined with the balance of his deep sense of curiosity and intuitive skills proved to be a great asset as time went on.  It also gave him the insight to leave the military after his first tour and always question government actions and motivations with great discernment.

Genuinely caring about his local and greater community he began volunteering his time in civic and government roles ultimately serving on more than 90 boards, panels, committees and commissions typically in top leadership roles.  In the 1990s it started becoming apparent these organizations began developing their own set of values and priorities placing them before those the organizations were designed to serve.  With this social degradation of ethics and principles in our culture he discovered it was increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to make any meaningful constructive headway in these institutions, organizations and government agencies being rapidly populated with self-serving opportunists and political power-brokers at the expense of an unaware public.

Bigfoot road sign, Pike's Peak, ColoradoThis became a great impetus to shifting more of his time and effort to explore, discover and share insights to man’s greatest mysteries that could forever transform our perceptions and understanding of both physical and subtle realities that provide a more comprehensive and complete picture of the world we live in. 

Intrigued with the understandings and wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures combined with the fast developing technological equipment and discoveries he took every opportunity to view the world from the best sources available without prejudice…just objective curiosity.  Following myth, legend and folklore to the areas where high numbers of local activity were being reported of such matters proved to be extremely enlightening.  He typically found these reports to be quite believable based on the manner they were shared by very credible individuals with no apparent motivation to manufacture such accounts.  Frequently these stories only had negative repercussions for those coming forward with great apprehension about openly sharing their bizarre experiences which lends more credibility to their personal story.

Bigfoot sign posted on Pikes Peak Parkway leading to the mountain peak.  Manitou Springs, COThe more he discovered the more intriguing his questions became.  As he started his research and investigations it quickly became apparent these subjects had powerful core origins that always remained present regardless of the source or individual reports.  It was also evident the many individuals interviewed were not aware of the other similar local reports lending additional credibility to the experiences they shared.

Further investigations led to the discovery of numerous groups and even institutional research into many of these highly unusual subjects.  An example would be University programs devoted to crypto-zoological including forensic investigation and analysis giving serious validation to confirming the existence of unknown species despite the prevailing public attitude based on an uneducated media and mainstream institutional portrayal.

His experiences and discoveries have now gone far beyond confirming the existence of ghosts and UFOs.  Having multiple opportunities in the past several years to have interactive experiences with human spirits that have passed, extraterrestrial beings, celestial beings an others in a manner that has presented undeniable confirmation of their existence in recent years has presented an entirely different set of questions and pursuits.  Rick now understands science and spirituality are one and the same…science is just an extremely slow process.  Our scientific beliefs are too fundamantal, incorrect and incomplete.  With his profound discoveries his work is now devoted to re-educating the world’s population and providing global solutions for the greatest traumas facing mankind and all living things on the planet.

The aspects of this critical information able to be shared publically is currently being developed and will be published soon and made available for everyone for free or as inexpensively as resources permit.

Rick’s work continues daily in his quest for deeper understanding of who we are, where we come from, why we’re here, what we’re capable of and the complexities and connections of life forms existing in multiple frequencies, dimensions, realms and worlds…it appears we truly know so little.
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