Feb. 21, 2018…Native American Insights, Connections & Understandings

Native American Insights, Connections & Understandings

Rose Red Elk, Rose Red Feather“Rose Red Elk” aka “Red Feather Woman”

Lakota Native American Storyteller l Songwriter l Performer l Teacher

Rose Red Elk’s Father is Lakota Sioux, Mother is Dakota Assiniboine and Grandmother was a Chippewa-Cree medicine woman, and Dream walker (interpreted dreams). Rose was born on the Ft. Peck Indian Reservation a remote area encompassing the town of Wolf Point in N/E Montana. She has lived on the reservation on & off throughout life with her relatives and also attended High School there.  Much of her adult life was spent in Texas as you will likely recognize from her unexpected southern accent.

Rose is a traditional Native American Storyteller and has presented and performed around the world. Sponsored by the US State Department she has presented/performed in Turkey Izmir, Manisa, Aydin, Mugla, Denizli, Isparta, Antalya and Ankara, Pakistan- Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad and Floriana, Malta and other places including numerous locations across the United States.

Rose Red Feather,Lakota,Dakota,Native American,Star People

She will cover information about Native American understandings of their very unique origins. The Star People connections will be covered as well as many insightful facts and her own personal experiences with other worldly beings. The creation and role of dream catchers and other thought-provoking aspects of their culture and teachings will also be shared.

It has been discovered indigenous cultures, and especially Native American Tribes, have always spoken of specific astronomical systems and events in addition to other matters that have only been possible to confirm by scientific means in recent years. It appears their ancient history reveals deep connections and relationships with nature and the cosmos identifying dimensions, realms, worlds and realities the conventional mainstream are still struggling to comprehend through contemporary scientific means. Critical information hidden within this ancient wisdom has sadly been buried, if not erased, by mainstream institutions making it difficult to be aware of their significant historic contribution to understanding the grander arena of little known worlds we’re a part of.

In an attempt to discover, share and preserve some of their cultural foundation and knowledge the PRF pursues these sources to become more aware of a more complete and accurate picture and reality we exist in.  Website can be found HERE.


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