“Extraterrestrial Encounters” Wed. 7:00PM, May 18, 2016

“Extraterrestrial Encounters”


Chuck Chroma

Artist l Extraterrestrial Experiencer

Chuck Chroma is a Colorado artist with his paintings and artwork displayed in galleries in San Francisco, Santa Fe, Chicago and Denver. Chuck’s work explores a variety of genre including Southwestern Landscapes and Textiles, Fantasy, Symbolism, and his personal odyssey surrounding the Alien Abduction phenomenon.

Chuck has had his life forever altered based on his interaction with extraterrestrial beings which began at the age of four. It has definitely changed the extraterrestrial beings,_abduction,_contact<_human interaction,_Chuck Chromacourse of his life not only in galactic perception but in the way he lives life and what he does with the balance of his time here. To this date he’s only shared his story with one other smaller group here in Colorado about his experiences. He will be sharing his personal introduction to these beings and the sequence of understanding that unfolds during the course of his life.

He painted the artwork for the Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission 2010 ballot initiative poster inspired by Paranormal Research Forum presentations and originally drafted by Jeff Peckman (chief proponent), Rick Nelson and Dr. Steven Greer. This ballot initiative was covered in headlines in most major countries around the world for the first time forcing intelligent open public discussion and debate as well as the most likely discussed cocktail party conversations by top world leaders and public officials regarding the UFO/ET topic. This historic Denver voting event marked the influential political extraterrestrial discussion shot openly heard around the world. Jeff and Chuck first met here at the PRF.

Late one afternoon in a remote stretch of highway in New Mexico Chuck had an experience that both saved and changed his life. From that time things have never been the same. He documented that moment in the most meaningful way he knew how (below).


There are two specifically unique items Chuck will be covering about his personal experiences not previously reported by other experiencers which give one pause for deep consideration. This is information you will likely take with you and consider again and again as you try to get a best perspective on the complex extraterrestrial reality. Chuck is very articulate and his story is well told making this event memorable and well worth attending. Jeff Peckman and Victoria Albright will be in attendance at Wednesday’s presentation giving feedback on Denver’s recent Cinco de Mayo event where the three of them manned the UFO/ET exhibit Jeff directed.

The UFO reports continue to increase around the world as the topic becomes a greater part of mainstream cultures. In the past 16 years alone there have been over 2,000 written UFO sightings reports just in COLORADO posted on the NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) website. Check their link to find the most recent sightings near you.


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