Daniel S. Ward, Ph.D ” Sacred Geometry & Spirituality”

Daniel S. Ward

Geometric patterns are being recognized by leading scientists and researchers as a design of life forces that make up all living and inanimate objects in the universe at every scale.  This intricate sophisticated web appears to represent a design essence in possibly all that exists.  The significance of the mathematical ratios in these designs perhaps has powerful energies and abilities beyond our comprehension.  These structures referred to as “sacred geometry” are being found in a wide range of phenomena from atomic physical structures and our DNA to planetary orbits and cosmic events.  Our emerging scientific observations are beginning to show us beautiful natural geometric patterns that identify the elements of a matrix that appears to define and drive all life in the universe from micro to macro levels.  This could very possibly represent a missing component that connects science and spirituality in a most profound way.

Ancient and historic power organizations have known of and used sacred geometry in design of their royal and sacred adornments and objects, selection of sites for their operations and in the design of their communities and buildings.  Applications of these understandings have given religious organizations, royalty, governments, the military and other global power interests great abilities, protection, influence and control over opponents and the masses. Daniel Ward holds a PhD in nuclear physics and a degree in science. He is the author of over one hundred fifty technical and semi-technical articles in a variety of scientific journals, magazines and conference proceedings, and has been doing research in a wide diversity of scientific disciplines and esoteric subjects for over three decades.

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