Crop Circles

Crop Circles have been documented as early as the discovery of a 1678 woodcut (shown below on the right). Although many of these designs have become amazingly complex they are commonly referred to as crop circles due to their original simple circular shapes.  Circles have been witnesses in every continent but have been most prolific in the United Kingdom. Scientific studies conducted have identified magnetic anomalies causing compasses to spin, foreign magnetic material and exploded plant nodules or cavities to plants inside these circles which is one indicator that set these  circles of unknown origins apart from those known to be man made. Typically found in wheat crops these unexplainable circles have also been witnessed and documented in bodies of water and snow and other crops.

Some Crop Circle researchers have witnessed these circles as they were being formed and others have even videotaped balls of light creating them. A substantial number of these researchers experienced extreme nausea when inside of a non man made circle and some have witnessed beams of light from the sky forming these extremely sophisticated geometric designs.

In the United States the media heavily promoted the perception (since the 1980’s?) has been that crop circles were created by two regulars from an English pub. Since then that media propoganda has proven to only pertain to a small number of designs created by the two individuals seeking media notariety.  Some believe these circles to be created by higher intelligent life and are intended to communicate or encourage human acknowledgement of this intelligence. As more scientific research is being conducted it is apparent there is a higher intelligence present in a great number of these formations. This amazing ongoing phenomena will likely result in discovery of a new era of understanding in science and theology with serious impact on our awareness at grander levels. Research on this phenomena clearly continues to indicate some form of intelligent communication is being conducted but it’s interpretation is not yet clear.

As these design patterns continue to develop it appears many, if not most, may be delivering encoded information for humans to interpret and use tor the evolution of humanity and resolve some of the most serious facing humanity and our earth’s environment.

Some scientists have identified certain of these patterns to represent codes identifying the physical structure of more advanced electromagnetic and other sophisticated subtle energy fields as shown below.  It would be prudent for scientists, investigators, researchers and all others to look at these thousands of geometric patterns to see if any insights become apparent.  It is time everyone start taking personal initiative to educate themselves rather than relying on so-called experts that may have economic and other incentives and motivations for their interpretations.  A growing number of researchers and investigators are speculating this information is being given  directly to the people of the world bypassing those who have not, and will not, be sharing this information for the benefit of humanity.










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