Colorado Mysteries

Colorado Mysteries

Photo taken by Rick Nelson on a Bigfoot Expedition on LaManga Pass south of Platoro, Colorado in 2005 just north of the NM border during a full moon.

From UFOs, Bigfoot, cattle mutilations and vortexes, to ghosts and more Colorado is riddled with supernatural and paranormal activity acounts.  Numerous books, magazine and newspaper articles cover accounts recording reports of events and experiences that defy all logic and reason.

For those looking to discover more in life, than is prepackaged and delivered to us in an oversimplified commercial mainstream media, Colorado is rich with history, folklore, personal experiences, reports and hard evidence documenting bizarre supernatural and paranormal activity throughout the state.

The indigenous people previously occupying what is now Colorado have recorded in stone what Native American tribes also reference in their oral history. This information dovetails with stories and recorded information over the past three centuries. Although stories and reports are scattered throughout the state the San Luis Valley in South Central Colorado stands out based on the sheer volume of recorded activity and current day reports of highly unusual and unexplainable events in most every imaginable arena.

UFO Watchtower Colorado

The UFO Watchtower, Hooper, Colorado

In two Internet reporting centers for UFO activity, little known to the public, Colorado has over 1,000 people that have taken the time to submit written UFO reports (as of 2015) from the previous 7-9 years alone. As UFO reports increase around the world, and in Colorado, more people are coming forward to share their personal accounts developing a rapidly growing interest in this fascinating subject.

A trip to the San Luis Valley may provide the best stage for experiencing these amazing supernatural and paranormal performances

    Colorado Sand Dunes Photo by Rick Nelson

Historic and recent reports of a large humanoid creature described by many witnesses in unrelated events have been documented throughout the state. The most commonly used term for this creature in the US is “Bigfoot”More than a dozen Native American tribes have inhabited the San Luis Valley area and most have oral history of this large humanoid creature. The northern slope of Pike’s Peak, the Leadville area, Eagle County and Platoro Colorado have had an unusually high number of reports. These concentrations continue to have reports to this day by new witnesses.

Colorado is typically one of the top ten states reporting Bigfoot activity.  Here are some maps detailing areas of highest Colorado Bigfoot reports submitted by county including breakdown of sightings by season.


  1. Colorado Annual UFO Trip –  29th Annual UFO Trip to the Sand Dunes in Colorado (Fri., Sat. & Sun.) Aug 18, 19, 20 2017
  2. Colorado’s Mysterious Valley –  San Luis Valley in South Central Colorado is filled with thousands of reports of historic and current supernatural events
  3. Colorado UFO Sighting Reports –   Database of current and historic UFO activity reports in Colorado NUFORC
  4. Latest San Luis Valley UFO reports –  “Our Strange Planet” website recent sighting reports
  5. The UFO Watchtower located near the town of Hooper in South Central Colorado in the San Luis Valley
  6. Cattle Mutilations investigations in Colorado by paranormal investigator Chuck Zukowski
  7. Monthly Colorado Presentations on Supernatural and Paranormal matters held in the Denver area. The “Paranormal Research Forum”


Bigfoot-sign-posted-on-Pikes-Peak-Parkway-leading-to-the-mountain-peak_-Manitou-Springs-COCOLORADO GHOSTS

  1. Ghost Investigation Groups
  2. Haunted Locations
  3. Haunted Colorado Springs



Colorado Bigfoot Reports Detailed Colorado Bigfoot reports by county

Colorado Bigfoot Sightings Map Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, BFRO

Denver TV Channel 7 News Bigfoot Report May 27, 2011, KRDO NewsChannel 13

Colorado Springs News Bigfoot Report May 24, 2011

Colorado Bigfoot Investigation 2010 Bailey, Colorado Bigfoot Investigation

Colorado Springs Bigfoot News Report 2008 Report covers DNA sample evidence supporting Bigfoot existence



  1. The Mysterious Valley 1st in a series of books by Christopher O’Brien documenting paranormal reports and personal experiences in the San Luis Valley of Colorado
  2. Enter the Valley 2nd in the Christopher O’Brien paranormal San Luis Valley Colorado series
  3. Secrets of the Valley – 3rd in a series of paranormal activity in the San Luis Valley ~ Christopher O’Brien
  4. Stalking the Trickster 4th in the Christopher O’Brien series
  5. Weird Colorado Paranormal items and other Colorado oddities
  6. Messages Extraterrestrial contactee (Stan Romanek) in Colorado shares bizarre personal experiences including evidence.
  7. Answers  Colorado extraterrestrial contactee Stan Romanek shares information being received from extraterrestrial beings.
  8. The Orion Regressions Communications from extraterrestrial beings through Stan Romanek while in hypnotic state.
  9. From My Side of the Bed Lisa Romanek’s challenging journey being married to an active extraterrestrial contactee.


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