Investigations & Research Projects

Investigations and Research Projects in Progress or Under Consideration Project Objectives & Recruitment Past Investigation & Research Projects Vortex/Portals/Stargates – Identify &  Quantify Kids Previous Life Memories – Identify & Interview Children Indigo, Crystal Kids – Identify, interview in Documentary Savants – Identify in Documentary Orbs Research Colorado Bigfoot – Research, Contact & Document Frequency Exploration – – Research & Develop Frequency Chart– Research & Investigate Access to Other Realities Colorado Underworld Entrances– Research, Enter Explore & Document Telekinesis Research– Research, Develop Skills, Demonstrate & Teach Hartsel UFO Investigation– Research, Investigate, Film & Document Colorado Subteranean Tunnel Network– Identify, Enter,

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UFO Witness Interviews- Hartsel, Colorado

Hartsel, Coloado UFO Investigation/Witness Interviews May 12, 2007 Susie Jones of the South Park Mercantile in Hartsel, CO was contacted to determine the validity of multiple UFO sightings from this small, remote community 20 minutes south of Fairplay. After realizing there have been numerous UFO reports from this isolated spot spanning about 20 years an Investigative Group comprised of seasoned paranormal researchers and investigators from various organizations scheduled a Saturday afternoon in May, 2007 to conduct video interviews of a few witnesses Susie Jones lined up to meet at the Mercantile. During the course of interviewing several scheduled eyewitnesses many

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