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Wed., Oct. 11, 2017, “Living Among Spirits”…October…the season of otherworldly curiosity

Wed., Oct. 11, 2017, “Living Among Spirits”...October…the season of otherworldly curiosity

“In matters of the supernatural, wisdom dictates we make the effort to understand rather than to ignore or fear.”… ~ Richard D. Nelson ~

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Sept. 20, 2017..."GALACTIC COMMUNITY INTRODUCTIONS"...Our Next Reality

  “GALACTIC COMMUNITY INTRODUCTIONS” …Our Next Reality Debbie Solaris Extraterrestrial Contactee l Radio Host l Intuitive l Teacher   The great majority of Debbie’s life had always been very conventional and conservative in a Roman Catholic upbringing in a military family, where matters like “aliens and UFOs were never ever discussed”. That was the case up until 2012 when she experienced an amazing life altering event which redirected the course of her life into arenas she had never, believed in or even, known about. This fateful UFO/Extraterrestrial encounter not only altered her perceptions and beliefs but dramatically expanded her human

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Dimensions, Realms, Worlds & Realities…Viewed From a More Realistic Perspective

Dimensions, Realms, Worlds & Realities...Viewed From a More Realistic Perspective

Each of these dimensions, realms, worlds and realities exhibit their own individually unique scientific foundation, different than our own, making it very difficult to comprehend and explain through contemporary beliefs.

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PRF April 19, 2017…”Intuitive Development” ~ The Next Scientific Leap in Human Understanding

PRF April 19, 2017..."Intuitive Development" ~ The Next Scientific Leap in Human Understanding

“Scientific research has made a shocking discovery that the heart’s energy systems including electromagnetic and other communication energy impulses dwarf those in the brain”

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PRF Mar. 15, 2017…”Exploring the Multiverse”…Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

PRF Mar. 15, 2017..."Exploring the Multiverse"...Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

Regardless of your interest or curiosity in any of these esoteric topics, it is expected that you will gain a deeper awareness of the concepts and dynamics surrounding them, by the end of the presentation.

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PRF Feb. 15, 2017…”The Connected Universe”…man’s connection and relationship with nature and the cosmos

PRF Feb. 15, 2017..."The Connected Universe"'s connection and relationship with nature and the cosmos

This work is one of a handful that is shaping a new world awareness bridging the perception gaps between science, ancient history technology, nature, spiritual beliefs and the cosmos identifying mankind’s role in all.

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PRF Nov. 16, 2016…”How to Flow & Flourish in Chaotic Times”

PRF Nov. 16, 2016..."How to Flow & Flourish in Chaotic Times"

  Dr. David Tresemer has a doctorate in psychology from Harvard University and is an author of numerous books. His accomplishments are extensive and varied as described in his biography. Lila Sophia Tresemer for the past 40 years has been learning much about how to build community, develop relationships and communication skills, in partnership with the spirits of Nature. More information is available on her biography. The two created StarHouse in the 1990’s as a spiritual and cultural learning center in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado. They are looking to further support new stewards in growing a relevant spiritual community

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PRF July 20, 2016…“The BIG Picture”…An Open Forum on Epic Humanity Changes

PRF July 20, 2016...“The BIG Picture”...An Open Forum on Epic Humanity Changes

“The BIG Picture” An Open Forum on Epic Humanity Changes  Rick Nelson PRF founder, host & facilitator for the evening We’re all interested in and following different aspects and elements of change in every arena at every level at this juncture in human history. Most of our historic benchmarks are rapidly shifting or are being removed. Viewing all of it together it often appears to be pure chaos. There is so much change taking place it is impossible to know it all and get our head around it from a micro and macro perspective as we move into unknown territory. We

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“The True Human Reality” Wed. Mar 16, 2016…Understanding mankind and the universe in more accurate and complete terms

"The True Human Reality" Wed. Mar 16, 2016...Understanding mankind and the universe in more accurate and complete terms

Dr. Jeff Prystupa Chiropractor l Alternative Medical Specialist l Research Scientist …see more below The True Human Reality Understanding mankind and the universe in more accurate and complete terms Born and raised in Springfield, MA. Dr. Jeff Prystupa’s early apprenticeship was with his Ukrainian father who was a chemist, engineer, inventor/builder and much more giving him a head start at a very early age.  He has both educated and working backgrounds in algaecide water chemistry, tissue culture in human genetics lab at Sloan-Kettering Institute, numerous alternative healing including acupuncture, Ayurveda, biofeedback, chiropractic, energy therapies, homeopathy, fluoride research, massage, nutrition, osteopathy, physical therapy,

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